Vesper Marine AIS Specialists

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Marine Pan Service acquires the exclusive distribution of Vesper Marine products for Italy, the New Zealand brand is a leader in AIS systems.

The Originality of Vesper Marine

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Those who navigate, know the usefulness of AIS technology and want this information to be available on the boat everywhere, then on a dedicated instrument, on the marine GPS, but also on the iPhone or iPod.

The New Zealander Vesper Marine was the first company to meet these needs, producing models with multiple connection possibilities, including wireless, which with a free app, allows you to provide valuable AIS information to the entire crew with the simple help of an iPhone or iPad.

The importance of AIS information is often overlooked and it is believed that a marine GPS can adequately fulfil these functions. But only when you use an AIS product from Vesper Marine can you see the real potential of AIS technology. In fact Vesper Marine has developed its own technologies so that the user has a better perception of the AIS targets and has the ability to set specific and multiple alarms. All of this, of course, on tools completely dedicated to these features.

Unlike other AIS manufacturers, who assemble only the AIS module into a box, Vesper Marine manufactures their own devices by designing and building each individual part in New Zealand, in their own ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing facility.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, Administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "The AIS system has reached a very important audience in other countries and it is assumed that in Italy too there will be a strong approach to the use of this technology. For this reason we have chosen Vesper Marine products that stand out for their unique and original solutions. Vesper Marine products represent a new way of navigating with the help of AIS technology."

Vesper Marine WatchMate Series

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WatchMate is the Vesper Marine series dedicated to AIS transponders with integrated display. This series, while boasting an excellent ability to provide data to other instruments on board, was designed to operate independently and without the need to be connected to other devices.

All AIS information is shown graphically, distinguishing the vessels in the vicinity (but of course only those equipped with AIS transponders).

The WatchMate series offers many possibilities to customize alarms and to set filters to contain the possibility of false alarms. Boats and alarms are displayed in order of priority to increase safety, especially in traffic areas.

An alarm sounds if the unit senses a potential danger to navigation. For example, the alarm is triggered, if there is a boat, even several miles away, but that is sailing right in our direction. In this case, the device will highlight the CPA and how much time is left to the CPA (TCPA).

The WatchMate Vision is the latest born in Vesper Marine and can interface with other devices via WiFi and is available a free app for iPhone or IPad, so that AIS information can be managed and controlled by these devices. In addition, the WatchMate Vision is equipped with a touchscreen color display and has integrated a basic world map with coastlines.

Other Marine Vesper Products

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Vesper Marine XB-8000

The Vesper XB-8000 is a class "B" AIS transponder, specially designed to transfer AIS information to other on-board devices as easily as possible. In fact, this AIS blackbox with integrated GPS, has the ability to transfer data via WiFi, USB, NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183.

Unlike other marine devices equipped with WiFi, the Vesper Marine XB-8000 can connect up to 5 instruments at the same time. So you can connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices at the same time. While for even larger LANs it will be possible to connect the Vesper XB-8000 to an external WiFi router.

A free iPhone app is available, so that the entire crew can have full availability of AIS features in every part of the boat. Data received by NMEA 0183 can also be sent back via WiFi. WiFi can be configured as an Access Point or Client, and WPA/WPA2 security protocols can be set.

Splitter SP160

Unlike all the other splitters on the market, which in their functionality generate a small loss of signal, the SP160 splitter incorporates a low loss amplifier that even allows you to improve the AIS performance, increasing its range.