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StopGull produces systems to keep gulls and other palmiped birds away from boats, port structures, roofs and buildings.

The seagull: a topical issue

Gabbiano Reale
Royal Seagull
Barca = Gabinetto Gabbiani
Boat = Cabinet Gulls
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The exponential demographic increase of the royal seagull represents today in Italy a growing problem that worries health, zoologists and environmentalists.

Health and zoology are concerned, because seagull excrements are dangerous to human health and can cause infectious and allergic diseases.

Environmentalists are concerned about the risk of extinction of other birds, caused by the excessive demographic expansion of the royal seagull.

At the same time, yachtsmen have to deal with this problem, using non-ecological components to disinfect the boat and wasting many hectolitres of water for washing, thus causing possible environmental damage.

In addition, seagulls can also cause permanent damage to radio antennas, port facilities (street lamps, current/water columns) and boat tissues.

Acoustic or ultrasonic bollards, can lead to serious imbalances in the ecosystem, as well as being harmful to the seagull itself.

The result is StopGull®, a system that simply keeps the seagull away from the boat or the port facilities of the marina. StopGull cannot hurt the seagull in any way and has no impact on the ecosystem. In fact, the seagull will simply be pushed to find its home elsewhere, perhaps on a nearby cliff, certainly more suitable to its natural habitat.

StopGull: marketing begins in Italy

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StopGull Gabbiano Stop n.5

We at Marine Pan Service have listened to the voices of Italian operators, yachtsmen and marinas on the growing problems linked to this phenomenon.

The project was born in collaboration with Nautica Più. The well-known shop in Rome suggested the idea, provided us with a market research on the solutions now possible and finally introduced us at the Spanish company Sempre Abril manufacturer of products StopGull (in Italian Gabbiano Stop).

After a few days Marine Pan Service acquires the mandate for the exclusive distribution of StopGull products on the national territory.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "We always try to understand the new needs of the market and, as far as possible, to encourage solutions that also help the environment, StopGull is perfectly in line with these intentions".

StopGull products

Soluzioni testa d'albero
Shafthead solutions
Corrimano e Tendalino
Handrail and awning
StopGull Bimini Top
StopGull Bimini Top

StopGull products use a swivel unit, with non-sharp ends that simply discourage seagulls, cormorants or other palmipeds from resting on top. On the contrary, the design of the unit is so perfect that the seagull detects it, even from afar, as an element contrary to its nature and therefore to be kept away.

The seagull, because of its biological essence, before establishing a dwelling, is present in a control area that coincides with the highest parts of the boat or port facilities. Then, if it is not disturbed, it also attends the lower zones.

StopGull simply interrupts its input protocol, thus preventing the establishment of a control area and its subsequent acclimatisation with the boat, thus preventing the boat or jetties from becoming its toilet.

The StopGull line presents specific solutions for all common seagull control areas:

  • StopGull S27, swivel unit adaptable to virtually any part of the boat
  • StopGull A04 Canvas, swivel unit to be inserted on the fabrics, such as those of the awnings.
  • StopGull Bimini Top, sheath for the awning when folded, consisting of unit S27
  • StopGull Handrail, handrail sheath (pulpit) consisting of unit S27
  • StopGull Boom, sheath for the boom of sailing boats
  • StopGull Riel, especially suitable for marine structures, roofs and homes
  • StopGull Air, with original rotating blade design for the highest bases of the boat or the masthead