Move away StopGull® Air Birds for Rigid Covered Boats

Air StopGull

StopGull® Air rotor blade device for removing seagulls and birds from hard-covered boats.


Anti-bird device specially designed for boats with fiberglass or wood cover, such as sport fishing cabins, boats with hard cover and professional boats.

StopGull® Air is easy to install and can be easily removed from its housing base. Or, if you prefer, you can knock down and cross the two blades of the device, placing them on a shelter support to be installed near the base. Then we'll be able to navigate without fear of losing it.

With the action of the wind on the sails that are located at the ends of the blades, StopGull ® Air exerts a smooth and rotating fluid movement, preventing seagulls, cormorants and coastal birds from resting on the highest parts or on the cabins of boats.

An added value of StopGull® Air is that it will withstand the action of strong or intense wind, because it incorporates a second fastening system that prevents the device from being lost.


  • 360-1046

    StopGull Air - Rotary Loaders device

    Weight: 1 kg; Dimensions: 102 x 11 x 6.8 cm
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It comes complete with a base for fixing and a second shelter support.