New waketowers from Boss Marine.

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Boss Marine presents new waketowers incorporated with a powerful amplifier and able to meet the most demanding requirements.

The new autonomous waketowers from Boss Marine

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"Boss Marine has always paid attention to the needs of the most sporting boats. For this reason, the waketower line of Boss Marine has always been wide and rich in particularly advanced models, thanks to the extensive experience that Boss Marine has assimilated in this segment.

The new waketowers B62ABT and B64ABT are at the top of the range and represent complete stereo systems. In fact, they integrate a powerful amplifier and a bluetooth controller. In practice with these models, we could completely satisfy the needs of a stereo for the boat and not need other accessories, if not our mobile phone, from which we will send the songs via Bluetooth connection.

The class D amplifier, designed specifically to contain the absorption, is really generous and well tuned to the configuration of the integrated waketowers. So we can count on a wide, balanced and powerful sound.

The prerogative that often makes you opt for this type of stereo is the easy installation. In fact, it is sufficient to have a round tube with a diameter between 38 and 76 mm, such as the roll bar. For the rest, simply run the power cables and place the bluetooth controller.

The models are distinguished by the number of integrated waketowers. The B62ABT includes one pair, while the B64ABT includes 2 pairs (4 waketowers in total). As a result, the total power is also different, 750 watts (peak) for the B62ABT and 1500 watts for the B64ABT.

The Bluetooth connection is carried out by a special controller that connects to the Mini-DIN socket of the waketower master. The controller not only turns the unit on and off, but also allows you to advance tracks, adjust the volume, connect to AUX and pair with your smartphone.