Boss Marine B62ABT waketower stereo system

B62ABT Boss Marine

The B62ABT from Boss Marine consists of a pair of powerful waketowers and an integrated amplifier capable of delivering 750 watts (peak).


The B62ABT Boss Marine is a complete stereo system that integrates a powerful amplifier and includes a pair of powerful waketowers capable of delivering 750 Watts (peak). The connection is made via Bluetooth, so that we can send any desired track from our mobile phone.

Buying the Boss Marine B62ABT we really don't need anything else on the boat to listen to our music. The powerful, wide and balanced sound of these waketowers will also allow us to listen to music with a quality not easily matched by other types of systems specific to boats.

The only need is to have a suitable tube on our boat to tighten the waketowers that are normally placed on the rollbar or on any robust round section structure. The installation is therefore particularly easy and we will only have to pay attention to the wiring inside the rollbar and the housing of the controller.

The controller is the device that takes care of the Bluetooth connection and has soft keys and backlighting. We will have to install it in an easily accessible location, as it allows you to adjust the volume, scan tracks and turn the system off or on.


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    Boss Marine B62ABT - Pair of Waketowers BT 750W

    GTIN13: 0791489125505; Weight: 9 kg; Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 32 cm
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2 waketowers, bluetooth controller, bulkhead relay for controller, steel safety cables and mounting accessories.