New Cobra Marine HH350 and HH500

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Cobra Marine surpasses itself by presenting two new portable VHFs with a design so innovative as to mark a new trend.

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The new Cobra Marine MR HH350 FLT EU and MR HH500 FLT BT EU, using the best production technologies, revolutionize the design concepts of a portable marine VHF.
The two new VHFs are in fact exceptionally small to be floating, are shaped for a better anatomical grip and extremely finished in every single detail.
Moreover, listening to the user's suggestions, the antenna has been made removable and shorter than 35 mm.

Like their predecessors (HH330 and HH475), in addition to floating, they have a high visibility orange band and transmit at a maximum power of 6 Watts.
In fact, they are not only attractive and practical to use, but observing scrupulously that the marine VHF is above all an important device intended for the safety of navigation, carefully follow the features that have made their predecessors a symbol of this technology.

In short, Cobra Marine surpasses itself, but without abandoning, all those prerogatives that have made so much talk of its marine VHF, such as the Burp function, the Roger Beep, the Noise Cancelling, the Signal Intensity Bar, the ringing tones, the completeness of the accessories supplied with the package and the amazing radio range.

The MR HH500 FLT BT EU is also distinguished by its Rewind Say Again™ function and the popular Microblue® Bluetooth which allows you to keep your mobile phone safe and manage your phone communications directly from the VHF.

Commercial Information

The two new portable marine VHF will be available from mid-October 2013.

The MR HH350 FLT EU model costs the public 195.00 Euro while the MR HH500 FLT BT EU 254.00 Euro (VAT included).

The MR HH350 FLT EU effectively replaces the MR HH330 FLT EU already out of production, while the MR HH500 FLT BT EU will replace the MR HH475 FLT EU, the latter will still be available, but while stocks last.

It should be noted that the historical MR HH325 EU and MR HH415 EU are also destined to go out of production, but will continue to be available in the coming months until stocks last.