The new marine range of Exposure Lights

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Exposure Lights renews the range of torches dedicated to the marine sector with new technology and further new solutions.

The specific torches for boat use of Exposure Lights

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The English Exposure Lights is the first absolute reference in the production of torches dedicated to the nautical sector, all highly technological, practically indestructible, with an attractive design, completely made in the UK and designed to last over time. In short, Exposure Lights headlights and torches are real tools to be kept on board, pleasant to use and able to stand out in emergency situations.

Today Exposure Lights presents the new series of nautical torches with 3 models with different prerogatives and each directed towards a specific type of use.

The maniacal attention to detail unites these 3 models, as well as the aesthetic sense, really captivating and oriented towards the design of the devices intended for security.

All the products presented are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased at the best nautical retailers.

3 models to meet each specific mode of use

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Float-On Torch

is a small floating torch (weighs only 45 grams!) equipped with MOB technology for automatic strobe signalling in case of contact with water.

The frame offers a wound where to pass a belt or a belt of the lifejacket, so we will have the security of always having it on. Alternatively, we can hold it in our hands or, using the reflective strap, we can wear it or hang it somewhere. In short, we could have countless solutions to keep this useful torch at hand at all times.

The Float-On Torch is optimized for routine work on the boat, in fact its soft brightness of 150 lumens, decreaseable to 10 lumens, provides the right illumination for night operation, being powerful enough to well distinguish details and being sure not to dazzle others so as not to compromise the natural adaptation of sight.

MOB Carbon

All aesthetic judgements are subject to opinion, but MOB Carbon, with its highly technological design, meets the taste of all. In fact, it is the first torch made of carbon in combination with sturdy aluminum, which gives a particularly elegant and refined unique design.

The MOB Carbon has been designed for all types of boat use. It is in fact a particularly versatile torch, floating, light (95 grams), waterproof (up to 5 meters deep), powerful (1000 lumens) and with MOB technology for the automatic activation of the strobe in case of contact with water.

Action 9

It is a portable beacon optimized for searching the sea for people, obstacles, wrecks, shallows or any other floating object.

The technology is expressed by a beam of 1000 lumens projected on a collimated lens that narrows the angle to only 9 degrees to slit and see objects up to a distance of 315 meters.

The Action 9 is made of sturdy aluminium and the construction is so strong that it is waterproof to a depth of 100 metres.