Kestrel Drop on your iPhone and iPad

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Wherever you are, Kestrel Drop collects important weather data that you can read at any time on your iPhone or iPad.

Turn your iPhone into a Weather Station

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We present another revolutionary product for your iPhone or iPad that will allow you to collect important weather data at any time or place.

The series is called Drop and is branded Kestrel. Anyone who owns a Kestrel weather detector knows exactly what we're talking about - a device that's unmatched in terms of precision and durability.

Drop is able to transform your iPhone or IPad into a powerful weather station that displays historical or real-time data, through graphics or numerical information.

The Drop is actually a data logger, so you can also separate it from your device and continue to store data in the place where it is located. In this way we can also send it on a "mission" in a bag, in a parcel, in a container or in a boat, and then on its arrival inform about the weather data encountered during its mission.

In short, Drop is useful both with you and away from you, ... everywhere!

Drop is designed and built entirely in the USA, is waterproof IPx7, is resistant to falls MIL-STD-810G, is very precise, as small as a keychain, connects in an instant and boasts a truly professional app.

The free app is really well made, simple to use and well equipped with multiple screens so you can view the data in the way that best suits our reading needs. In addition, the app allows you to share surveys via email or social networks and also export data in text format.

The Drop can store the data in a programmable time interval between 2 seconds and 12 hours. The battery life (CR2032 supplied) is strictly dependent on the programmed reading interval and is around 6 months in case of reading every 30 seconds.

Kestrel Drop - Prerogative

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  • Drop detects weather data to be displayed on iPhone or iPad.
  • It records continuous data that we can analyze at any time.
  • We can send him on a "mission" and on his return analyze the data collected.
  • Robust (MIL-STD-810G), precise, watertight (IPx7) and as small as a keychain.
  • Stores on a programmable interval between 2 seconds and 12 hours.
  • Displays historical or real-time weather data.
  • Data display in both numerical and graphic format.
  • Possibility to set various alarms.
  • Data can be exported to CSV text or delimited paragraph.
  • The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store.
  • The app allows you to share your findings via email or social networks.
  • The app can monitor up to 8 drops simultaneously and store data from many more drives.
  • Connection via Bluetooth Low Energy, range 30 mt.
  • It is powered by a supplied CR2032 lithium battery.
  • The average battery life is over 6 months and varies depending on the type of use.
  • Operating temperature between -20C° and 55C°.
  • Maximum temperature error 0.5 C° (between 10 and 55 C°), humidity +/- 2%.
  • Each unit is supplied with a calibration certificate.
  • It is compatible with iOS 6 and IPhone 4S, iPad 3 or iPod 5 or later versions/generations.
  • Weight 34 gr - Dimensions 60 x 45 x 23 mm.

The Series

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The models differ in the number of measurements taken.

Drop D1

  • Temperature

Drop D2

Drop D3


Drop D1 and Drop D2 are already available in our warehouses. Drop D3 will be available in February 2015.