The Success of the MOB Carbon of Exposure Lights

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We want to try to interpret the market to explain the success of Exposure Lights' new Exposure MOB Carbon.

MOB Carbon: technology at the service

Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.1
Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.2
Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.3
Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.4
Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.5
Il Successo della MOB Carbon di Exposure Lights n.6

On 18/04/2018 we presented the new series of nautical torches of Exposure Lights with the following news:

The new marine range of Exposure Lights

We received a lot of interest in the 3 models, but on the MOB Carbon the attention was particularly focused and there are a lot of positive feedback received.

Almost all of them have underlined the originality of the design. In fact, the MOB Carbon is the first torch on the market built in carbon and aluminum exteriors, which gives a valuable futuristic design, not to mention that this method of construction was desired by Exposure Light to achieve the combination of a torch extremely light and at the same time particularly robust.

Design, sturdiness and lightness are not the only prerogatives of a torch born to offer the best versatility. The MOB Carbon has been designed to offer a method of use appropriate to the most varied types of use of a torch in the boat.

The MOB Carbon, through the lanyard supplied, we can put it on the lifejacket, or we can wear it where we prefer or hang it somewhere to easily have a fixed lighting point.

Although MOB Carbon adapts well to different types of use, it excels especially in emergency situations. Thanks to MOB technology, if it falls into the sea, it activates the strobe to signal its presence and above all the position of the person who wears it.

In case of man overboard, MOB Carbon offers 3 different types of intervention:

  1. If the unfortunate person has the MOB Carbon and is in a state of consciousness, he can point the 1000 lumens directly at the boat, otherwise the strobe will automatically signal his presence.
  2. If the man at sea does not have the torch, the crew on board can throw it directly at him, without the need to light it and thus saving very important seconds.
  3. When we are unable to track down the man at sea, the torch helps us with its 1000 lumens, able to promptly capture any reflective details, such as the lifejacket.

If we really have to find a limit to MOB Carbon, it is in its use as a searchlight. In fact, the wide beam of light, very comfortable in most uses, is not suitable to penetrate the light in abundance. Although it is suitable for detecting objects or people at sea within a radius of 100 metres, it is difficult when we have to look further. If the prevailing methodology of use is research, then we suggest to opt for the model Exposure Action 9 Search.

MOB Carbon: The Prerogatives

  • MOB technology with automatic strobe activation on contact with water with intermittence of one second and 20 hours of autonomy.
  • Made of carbon in combination with anodized aluminum.
  • Floating.
  • Waterproof up to 5 mt. depth.
  • 1000 Lumen
  • LED courtesy light to track her down in the dark.
  • Battery charge status indication.
  • 3 lighting levels: 1000, 500 and 100 lumens.
  • 12 hours of autonomy at minimum intensity, 1.5 hours at maximum.
  • Quickly charge in 4 hours from a USB port.
  • Lifetime warranty for LEDs, two years for the rest.
  • Dimensions 130 x 37 mm.
  • Weight 95 grams.