HH600 much more than a portable VHF

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Cobra Marine's new HH600 with GPS, DSC, strobe function, Bluetooth and many other features; exclusive, it opens the era of high safety handsets.

HH600 to new heights in navigational safety

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The new HH600 is not just a portable VHF, but a set of integrated technologies to present itself as a device with a completely new concept, aimed at achieving new goals in the safety of navigation.

In fact, the HH600 integrates all the functions of a DSC class "D", a GPS for the automatic sending of coordinates with the distress signal, a torch, the strobe function, Bluetooth for interaction with the smartphone and many other exclusive features of Cobra Marine that the market already knows and appreciated.

All these features have been included in a solid enclosure with IPx8 protection, float and surprisingly small size.

The management of all functions has not been neglected at all, with dedicated keys for the most important functions and a simplified approach by soft keys for all other functions.

A work expressed by the best engineers specialized in these technologies that have delighted us in being able to tell you today about this unique creation of theirs.

7 Reasons that make the HH600 unrivalled

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In the HH600 everything has been set up to be a VHF with unparalleled qualities in terms of safety:

  1. The DSC and the integrated GPS, allow the transmission of the distress signal, using the distress button. The coastguard will thus automatically receive the MMSI (from which the vessel's data can be found) and the geographical coordinates, for a ready and error-free coordination of rescue operations. In addition, the geographical coordinates will be displayed on the VHF so that you have this data also available visually.
  2. The torch for integrated lighting is of undisputed value in cases of use at night and the strobe function is really decisive especially for a man at sea or on the rescue boat, allowing an immediate location and the reduction of the possibility that the shipwrecked is hit by other boats or by the same rescue.
  3. The Microblue Bluetooth function allows you to leave your mobile phone in a safe place and talk to the HH600 even in adverse environmental conditions. So if for any reason we have not been able to get in touch with the coastguard or with the DSC or VHF, we will have the opportunity to try to report the situation of danger through the mobile phone cells.
  4. The popular Rewind Say Again function of Cobra Marine helps you to listen to an audio message that we have not been able to listen to or interpret, a very frequent situation, especially in the frenzy of a dangerous situation.
  5. The HH600 is a truly rugged, IPx8 submersible, floating, high visibility orange band handset. It is therefore not afraid of any adversity and will always be ready in any condition.
  6. The power of 6 watts and the known propensity of Cobra Marine VHF to reach longer ranges, make it listenable even where other VHF can not.
  7. Other features such as the Burp (to spray water from the speaker), the advanced Noise Cancelling (to reduce background noise, such as the engine), the signal strength bar, the Roger Beep and other useful features, make a substantial additional contribution in terms of safety.

Marketing and other news from Cobra Marine

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HH600 molto più di un VHF portatile n.6

The new HH600 will be available before Summer and the first batch is scheduled to arrive early June 2017. It will be available in both black and white.

For the conscientious yachtsman or for those who always demand the most from their instruments, it is worth waiting a little longer to enjoy the brand new HH600.

Hiccups available for Cobra Marine fixed VHFs

Unfortunately, the growing demand on Cobra Marine's fixed VHF line is creating problems with availability. Current deliveries are satisfying only a small part of the orders and this situation is expected to continue for the next 2 to 3 months.

Fortunately for the MR F57W E model (the white version of the F57) we have a good stock, but for the remaining fixed VHF models (MR F57B E, MR F77B GPS E and MR F77W GPS E, in the picture on the right) the interested users can only count on the most attentive dealers and wholesalers who have better planned their stocks.