GR350BT the dashboard stereo with heart GME

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Introducing the brand new square-shaped multimedia dashboard stereo, the GR350BT, designed to GME's usual high standards.

The GME GR350BT behind a tradition that goes back to the 80s

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GME is the Australian brand well known for the production of superior quality EPIRB, but not everyone knows that GME, since the 1980s, has also been among the very first to try its hand at producing specific stereos for the marine market.

Today GME, behind this baggage, presents itself with a new dashboard stereo that is very much in line with their Australian concepts, which always prioritise the practicality of use and the durability of the product, rather than any other productive or commercial factor.

The GR350BT, in order to follow the latest market trends, has a square design, and at the same time it shows some aesthetic lines, particularly cared for, which make its geometric shape original and elegant.

The GME GR350BT was born as a multimedia dashboard stereo and although its display is only 2.5", it is also suitable for viewing movies or images. In addition, the high-brightness display helps to simplify the settings of the various functions, making everything easy and intuitive.

The large central knob is really handy and in addition to the volume, it also allows you to manage the equalizer or the approval of a setting ("enter" feature).

It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones or any other device with this connection. While if we want to connect devices with USB or AUX output only, then we will have to be careful during the installation, because these inputs are placed on the back and we should bring them back to the console through accessories commonly available on the market.

The GR350BT is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers, both in white and black.


  • Bluetooth for audio and video streaming.
  • 2.5" multimedia display.
  • Power 40W (peak) x 4 channels.
  • USB and AUX input on the back.
  • FM/AM radio.
  • IPx5 waterproof construction.
  • Recessed hole 82 mm diameter, depth 85 mm, frontal dimensions 86 x 86 mm.