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Bluefin LED presents the new series of Barracuda underwater lights, carefully designed for the best underwater effect and durability.

RINA approves all Bluefin LED underwater lights

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Bluefin LED is a company that, within a few months of its foundation, has managed to gain maximum prominence in the market for underwater lights.

Today, Bluefin LED luminaires have received Type Approval from RINA on all models in the range. An approval obtained by very few competitors, especially on the whole range!
The results of the tests carried out by RINA's engineers were exciting, for example the hydrostatic test passed a pressure of 20 bar, equivalent to passing a test carried out at a depth of 200 metres!

Just like RINA, the market has already established that the underwater lights of the very young Bluefin LED express superior quality, excellent performance and simplified installation solutions.

But Bluefin LED doesn't stop there and today it's time to present the new Barracuda B12 series, where the new "Wave Mode" feature is introduced for the first time on the market.

Barracuda B12: the Underwater Lighthouse that you do not forget ...

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The Barracuda B12 series is positioned immediately after the Piranha P6 series and while maintaining the design of the latter, it is intended for those who prefer that type of installation, but need a high level underwater effect.

This series also allows special light effects, such as the strobe effect and the new exclusive function of Bluefin LED "Wave Mode" that allows you to scan the lights in succession from left to right and vice versa, creating a light effect "wave".

The Barracuda B12 series emits a beam of 4500 Lumens on a 60 degree cone, for a powerful and homogeneous light effect. It can be supplied with both 12 and 24 Vdc and therefore there will be no problems even with the 24 Vdc systems of larger boats.

Like the Piranha series, the Barracuda requires for the installation of a through hole of only 13 mm that can be tapered on the inside to a few millimeters, enough to pass the cable. On the bronze base, we will sprinkle the sealant (suggested the 3M 5200 or 4200) and we will make it adhere through the pressure of 3 screws not passing through. This type of installation avoids any real danger, even if we were to take a hard hit on the headlight, it is unlikely that a real emergency situation could be created.

The Barracuda B12 series, like all Bluefin LED underwater lights, offers the "Builtin Driver" solution, polarity reversal protection, active thermal control and a protective layer to prevent marine vegetation.

The body of the headlamp is made of bronze and the high-impact polymer lenses are made according to optical principles.
The colour of the light is available in diamond white, topaz blue or emerald green. The products are already available in our warehouses.