Nav-Station - Fishfinder in Gift Campaign

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Nav-Station launches until 30/04/2013 a campaign: models with fishfinder at the price of models without!

Fishfinder a Real Evolution ?

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Nav-Station admires the technological evolution of some manufacturers of fishfinders, which have revolutionized some graphical aspects that make the display of the background more exciting and rewarding. This prerogative is of undoubted commercial utility, in fact a product influences the purchase also for how it presents itself aesthetically and graphically.

However, some experts complain that these images often distort the identity of fishfinder technology, even though they try to portray the bottom in its natural setting, as it cannot photograph the bottom of the sea. If we want to have a real image of the seabed we have to use a lens pointing towards the bottom, if instead we use ultrasounds we have to limit ourselves to an interpretation and if we want to make that interpretation a real image, we have to accept the inevitable errors of conversion.

Some experts in fact complain that these new advanced graphics fishfinders no longer allow the analysis of the background by sampling the image on the screen and combining the operational knowledge of the technology.

Nav-Station does not take any position on this disquisition, it estimates the progress of the competitors, but above all it wants to understand if this interesting evolution could one day lead to a new technology, able to reduce abundantly the conversion errors and so we can also trust these exciting graphic scenarios.

Today Nav-Station wants to show that its fishfinder technology, while remaining with traditional graphics, is able to detect with sobriety the details of the background that are really useful and to make them better interpretable in the prerogatives that interest.

With this in mind, we are launching an offer where the Nav-Station M-Series models with integrated fishfinder will be displayed at the same retail price as models without fishfinder. This offer is valid until 30/04/2013.

Offer Nav-Station "M" models with Fishfinder

Nav-Station "M" Series, models with fishfinder at the same price as models without !

Offer CodeProduct DescriptionStandard Retail PricePublic Price Offer
060-3130Nav-Station M5C - with Trasd. Stern P58835,00617,00
060-3230Nav-Station M7C - with Trasd. Stern P581307,001016,00

  • Prices in Euro including VAT.
  • The offer expires on 30/04/2013.
  • Available from the best retailers.

Remember that models with fishfinder are distinguished by the name of the final letter "C" that stands for combo unit, ie the combination of plotter and fishfinder.

Nav-Station at the heart of an all-Italian Technology

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Nav-Station is a brand of Marine Pan Service and is totally produced in Italy by Italian manpower. We do not criticise the choice of competitors who produce in China or other low labour cost countries.
However, remember that the plotter technology is an all-Italian invention and that 90% of the marine electronic cartography is still produced in Italy, Nav-Station benefits from this deep Italian know-how and that is why, for many navigation prerogatives, no competing equipment can be compared to Nav-Station.

The "M" series of Nav-Station is in fact a working in progress, we constantly make small changes just to meet the multiple feedback received and make our plotters better suited to the real needs of navigation.

Users can update their Nav-Station at any time, having a common SD-Card, its reader and downloading the software from our WEB. On the download tab of each single product of the "M" series there is a guide for this operation and the relative software.