Bluefin LED Range Expands with New Solutions

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Bluefin LED a few months after its foundation already; receives awards and its range is enriched with new solutions.

Bluefin LED, Excellence is Rewarded

Bluefin LED la Gamma si Amplia con nuove Soluzioni n.1
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A few months have passed since Bluefin LED was founded, yet this brand is already the benchmark for underwater LED technology. This has also been recognised by the British Marine Electrical and Electronics Associations as the best product of 2014.

Bluefin LED has been recognized for its innovation and high quality inherent in every detail of the product.

The experience of Bluefin LED's engineers and managers in this field has played an essential role in this success, but it has also been helped by the team's closeness, always united in finding the best technical and commercial solutions.

Bluefin LEDs for new Color Variation models

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Bluefin LED has introduced at METS 2014 the new underwater RGBW color changing LEDs that allow for continuous color changes to make a unique atmosphere around the boat.

Color variation can be adjusted by the optional wireless DMX controller, which allows you to select color and adjust light intensity independently between the headlights or within the areas of the boat. In this way it will be possible to select the most suitable colour and intensity for the stage situation you want to create.

As usual with Bluefin LED, all colour-changing models also feature the "Builtin Driver", which simplifies installation completely.

Color-changing models are available for Piranha P6, Piranha DL6, Hammerhead H20, Stingray S20 and Great White GW20 series. The DMX controller does not work with the Piranha P6 and Piranha DL6 series.

New Piranha DL6 series for Marine lighting

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The new Piranha DL6 series is dedicated to underwater lighting for the docks of marinas or ports, but is also suitable for installation in swimming pools or water play facilities.

The fully sealed power cord comes out of the headlight for easy installation on the nearest power column.

The Piranha DL6 series is available in diamond white, topaz blue, emerald green or colour-changing light.