GPS satellite burglar alarm for boats and outboards

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How to protect yourself against theft of boats or outboard engines using the WPT250PP GPS Tracker as a satellite burglar alarm.

The WPT250PP as a satellite burglar alarm

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With the arrival of summer, unfortunately, the risk of theft of boats or outboard engines also increases. A simple GPS tracker like the Snooper WPT250PP helps to protect us from these thefts, and not only ...

The Snooper WPT250PP satellite burglar alarm can be permanently installed on the boat even when it is powered by the boat's 12 V and can also be placed in the most hidden lockers thanks to the possibility of also being able to connect the external GPS antenna supplied.

The WPT250PP has also been frequently installed inside outboard motors even without the aid of an external antenna. But beware, although the WPT250PP is equipped with a very sensitive GPS receiver, the possibility that it succeeds in the GPS fix is related to the thickness of the engine body, so for this type of installation the reception of the GPS fix must be carefully tested on the specific engine and in case it is not optimal must be connected in some way to the external antenna supplied.

The Snooper WPT250PP for charterers or shipowners

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The WPT250PP is not only a satellite burglar alarm but is also designed to remotely monitor a boat or an entire fleet. So it makes it an ideal tool for those who rent boats or for shipowners who want to monitor the navigation that is being carried out by their commander.

The most popular features of the WPT250PP

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  • The first year of subscription is free. That is, the internal SIM can transmit one position per second for the first 365 days free of charge.
  • Easy online customization of tool settings on a specific WEB service
  • On-line monitoring of one or more boats, with the possibility to consult also statistical data.
  • Multiple alarms: out of range, reaching targets, low battery level, power on, power off, standby.
  • SOS" button to send emails or sms to up to 5 different destinations.
  • Also can be queried from a mobile phone to request information on the operating status and position displayed on the map.