TV and WiFi antenna on boat

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Scout 2015 features an excellent performance TV antenna and WiFi antenna to improve connectivity; on the boat when you're in port.

Scout: TV and WiFi antenna, what's behind it?

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The Italian Scout continues to gather worldwide acclaim for the quality level expressed on every single product, so much so that at the recent Miami Boat Show, the Scout received a really surprising attention from the public.

The Scout is certainly part of those Italian companies that keep the colors of our flag high, not only making us stand out for our renowned design, but also for our stubbornness craftsmanship.

In fact, despite the increase in turnover, Scout remains a company with an artisan structure, where man is able to verify firsthand the level of quality expressed in each individual element produced.

Scout presents for 2015 two new products designed to best meet our TV and WiFi needs in the boat.

TV Cruiser Antenna - Stable and Powerful Signal

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The Cruiser for Scout is the first TV antenna made, yet looking at the product from every perspective, it would seem that Scout has always been involved in this segment.

The Cruiser is truly omnidirectional over the entire 360° range, is supplied with the advanced Sea-Boost amplifier, is small and aerodynamic to withstand the slightest wind resistance. All this translates into truly enviable performance on a product destined to become the reference.

The Cruiser is optimized for analog and digital TV, FM and DAB signals. It has a diameter of only 25 cm and can be supplied with 12 or 24 Vdc.

The Sea-Boosts TV signal amplifier is also sold as a stand-alone product, useful where a TV antenna is already installed, but performance is poor.

WiFi antenna for maximum port connectivity

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The most used connectivity solution when our boat is on the quay is undoubtedly the WiFi, often included free of charge in the port services, or is issued by bars and restaurants.

Often, however, the signal received is not the best and the new Scout KS-60 carefully meets these needs.

The Scout KS-60, with a gain of 12 dB, is able to receive even the weakest signals and allows you to surf the Internet with the best stability and maximum bandwidth. Some tests carried out on weak signals, report an Internet speed even 30 times higher than that of a common WiFi module.

The Scout KS-60 connects to your computer (Windows or Mac) via USB, is compatible with 802.11/b/g/n standards and is installed on deck as a common marine antenna.