DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAB, Digital Audio Broadcasting, is a digital broadcasting system that promises a better quality; audio compared to FM/AM.

DAB and DAB+ the new Digital Broadcasting System

DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting n.1

DAB is a broadcasting system that promises better audio quality and an extension of this technology also to digital multimedia services. In practice, images and text will also be received along with the broadcaster's audio, which the receiver will show on its display.

DAB+ is the format standardized in Europe in 2007 and differs from the original format for the use of the compression algorithm HE-AAC able to increase the number of broadcasters that we can receive on the same frequency.

Although this technology has its origins in the eighties, in Italy the first official transmission in DAB+ took place only in 2013.
The coverage in 2018 is still fragmentary, for example it is almost non-existent in Liguria, Marche Abbruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.