Built-in camera CW-085

CW-085 No Brand

CW-085 colour recessed camera, b/w infrared night vision, 2.8 mm lens, 120° aperture.


Some of the NavStation and Seiwa plotters can be equipped with this watertight colour camera which, thanks to its infrared, can monitor in black and white even in non-illuminated compartments.

The shot is mirrored, so it must be installed in the direction of the stern, otherwise you would have a mirror image (it is therefore not suitable for monitoring areas in the direction of the bow).
The installation is flush mounted, but if you buy separately the cover 061-2712 you can easily install it in bulkhead.

PAL system, 512x582 pixels, 12 Vdc power supply, 400 mA absorption. It comes with an RCA (towards the camera) / Conxall 3 Pin (towards the plotter) adapter.


  • 061-2710

    Waterproof camera for recessed infrared

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  • Recessed rear view camera
  • Colors - 1/3 Sharp CCD
  • Lens 2.8 mm
  • Opening 120°
  • Infrared night vision b/w
  • Rca output

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