Snooper S7000 with Ventura Pro EU Technology

S7000 Ventura Snooper

Snooper S7000 with Ventura Pro EU Technology, incorporates the ACSI Campsites Database and also indicates the presence of speed cameras.


The S7000 Ventura incorporates a 7-inch wide screen that gives the driver a much more complete view of the route to take. The indications are displayed in larger and clearer characters, the curve-by-curve instructions and the warnings in the presence of low bridges and bottlenecks offered by the S7000 model are therefore immediately visible.

Does the S7000 also incorporate an MP3/MP4 player and exceptional television? DVB-T. The 7-inch LCD screen ensures crystal-clear image quality. You won't have to give up your favorite show when you're away from home!

Bluetooth hands-free technology is also standard, so you don't have to break the highway code to answer a call. But that's not all: S7000 Ventura includes Snooper's award-winning speed camera detection technology, which uses the international AURA database.

Door-to-door navigation with voice guidance and precise turn-by-turn instructions, plus multi-route technology, to calculate a route that can cover up to 16 different destinations. S7000 Ventura also includes more than 2 million points of interest across Europe. On-road navigation and multimedia in one great package.

Bluetooth wireless technology
Respects the highway code. The Ventura S2000 is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology to answer calls hands-free, safely, while you are driving, holding both hands on the wheel. For vehicles that produce some background noise, an additional component, the microphone extension, is available.

Built-in MP3 player Ventura S2000 comes with built-in MP3 player. Now you can reach your desired destination while listening to your favorite music. Syrius PROLINE Ventura comes with a headset cable but you can also connect an FM radio device (not included) to listen in stereo to both your navigation instructions and your favorite music.

The first satellite navigation system designed specifically for caravans and motor homes
Ventura is a unique satellite navigation system specifically designed for caravans and motor homes. It includes a function for defining routes based on the size of the vehicle and the search for ACSI Eurocamping campsites. You'll have a choice of 8600 campsites in 29 different countries!

Ventura always has the right answer
This unique software allows you to create a route based on the specific characteristics of the vehicle. It is sufficient to enter the size and weight of the vehicle and the type of load, if applicable. Snooper's Ventura software will develop a safe route for caravans and motorhomes. Routes will be calculated taking into account roads with adequate width and height and excluding roads with low bridges, weight limits for vehicles and many other risks.

Camping Database
Select the services you need from the ACSI Camping Database built into the system, and browse to one of 8600 campsites in 29 European countries. Before your departure, Ventura will even show you a photograph of your chosen campsite!

Snooper satellite navigation systems have always been distinguished by their elegant design. But they don't just look good, they also offer the same level of performance. Take, for example, our new and exclusive multi-route planning software. This product allows you to calculate a single route that includes up to 16 different destinations by specifying only the postal codes. You don't have to stop and look for every single address. The route of the entire day will be calculated and stored in a few seconds

Ventura car
is specifically designed to drive caravans and campers on safe and legal roads; however, it also provides a configuration intended for cars. Simply switch to car mode and Ventura will guide you on the safest roads for your car! Ventura is a portable device, so it can be easily moved from one vehicle to another. Two fantastic satellite navigation systems in one!

More than 2 million POIs across Europe
A comprehensive list of hotels, restaurants, campsites, gas stations, golf courses, ATMs, airports, train stations, shops and much more. It reaches its destination directly at the touch of a button.

Technical specifications:

  • Ventura route planning software
  • TMC traffic information technology
  • Multiple route planning
  • Bluetooth hands-free technology
  • DVB-T "Freeview" TV Tuner
  • MP3/MP4 Player
  • Hands-free microphone (optional)
  • 7-inch LCD colour touch screen
  • Screen colouring of your choice
  • Integrated SIRF III GPS antenna
  • Voice instructions while driving
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • One-touch" programming of the route home and to the workplace
  • Visualization of 2D and 3D road maps
  • 3D direction indicators
  • Extensive list of points of interest

The AURA™ advantage!

Unlike other satellite navigation systems, Ventura warns you of specific speed limits for the class of the vehicle you are driving. In addition, you can update Ventura through the AURA™ speed camera workstation database 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Many of the most common satellite navigation systems with speed camera detection provide updates every 3 to 4 months, while our dedicated data collection team updates AURA™ daily. As soon as you add a new speed camera, you can download its data right away. For us, any coverage of less than 100% cannot really be taken into account.

Provides early warning of:

  • Speed cameras
  • Traffic lights with cameras
  • Average speed detection systems
  • Road works cameras
  • Restricted traffic area cameras
  • Accident risk zones
  • High risk areas


  • 600-2420

    Snooper S7000 Ventura Pro EU

    Weight: 2 kg; Dimensions: 29.8 x 18.5 x 9 cm
Prices include VAT


  • Ventura Technology
  • ACSI Campsites Database
  • Aura Technology Safety Cameras
  • Multiple Itinerary Planning
  • 7" LCD Touchscreen
  • MP3/MP4
  • DVB-T TV Tuner
  • Bluetooth Handsfree Technology
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • TMC Traffic Technology
  • Video input


  • Bracket
  • Power supply cable 220 Vac
  • Power cable Cigarette lighter plug 12 Vdc
  • USB cable for PC interface
  • TMC antenna


Prices include VAT


All SNOOPER satellite navigator models have a high-performance touchscreen that is easy to use and responds quickly to commands given to it. Ideal for a tool created specifically for use in the car.

Speed camera
All SNOOPER satellite navigators have an internal SD card (Micro SD for the S 280 EU model), which once extracted and inserted in the PC, through the SNOOPER website, you can periodically download the latest update of the SNOOPER AURA speed camera database.

We all know how important it is to respect the highway code, but often we need to keep in touch with the world around us through our mobile phone. With the Snooper satellite navigators we can make this possible and above all safe, in fact the models S600, S2000, S6000, S7000 and AVN S7000 have a Bluetooth device that allows us to connect our mobile device to our navigator and make sure that we can drive safely, comfortably holding both hands on our steering wheel. For vehicles that produce some background noise, an additional component, the microphone extension, is available.

MP3 player
All Snooper navigation models have an integrated MP3 player inside, so you can make long trips listening to our favorite music directly from our satellite navigation system. Syrius PROLINE Ventura comes with a headset cable but you can also connect an FM radio device (not included) to listen in stereo to both your navigation instructions and your favorite music.

navigation system
The S2000, S7000 and AVN S7000 models are also available with the brand new Ventura softweare. This softweare was created specifically for travel on board of a motorhome or caravan. It is a unique system that allows you to travel through routes designed specifically according to the length, weight of our means of transport and the search for ACSI Eurocamping campsites. You will have the opportunity to choose from 8600 campsites in 29 different countries!

Snooper products are not only different from all others for their innovative and attractive design, but also for their expertise in creating softweares that are always at the forefront, such as the brand new function that allows us to create a multiple route. This function allows you to set up a single route with up to 16 different destinations, specifying only the postal codes. There will be no need to stop and reset a new route because the route of an entire trip will be calculated in a few seconds.

The models that support the Ventura softweare have been specially designed to move easily and safely with caravans and motorhomes. Nevertheless, the instruments with Ventura technology have a configuration intended for driving in a car, in fact, just select it to be able to drive safely in a normal car, so, being a portable device, you can simply move from one vehicle to another.