Snooper SR10 Infrared Vision Camera

SR10 Telecamera IR Snooper

Snooper SR10 bracket infrared camera, to be integrated on plotters equipped with a dedicated input or on S7000 Navigators.


Infrared camera on bracket, ideal to be integrated on plotters that have a special input. The image is mirrored so it is suitable for monitoring compartments or areas towards the stern.

Ideal also to be installed on all Snooper S7000 models, a valid help to perform the reversing manoeuvres. An extension cable is required for installation on the S7000.

It is equipped with a small relay to make installation easier.

Dimensions: H50mm x W75m x D70mm


  • 601-2730

    Snooper SR10 Infrared Camera on Bracket

    Weight: 0.5 kg; Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 7.5 cm
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