MR1305 Boss Marine: Marinated Stereo SD, USB and AUX

MR1305WUA Boss Marine

MR1305 Solid State Marinated Stereo, with SD, USB and AUX reading, with decent power, removable front panel and remote control.


USB and AUX inputs placed on the front panel for an immediate connection and protected by a functional rubber that allows intelligent protection of the contacts.
While the input for the SD card is under the removable faceplate for better protection of this digital media.

The stereo has been opportunely deprived of the CD player, in order to realize a completely solid state construction, that is without mechanical parts to better contrast the marine agents and therefore to guarantee a greater duration in the time.

Also available in the MCK1305W.6 version in package, where a pair of MR6 speakers and a MRANT10 FM antenna are included in a special package in addition to the MR1305.


  • 240-3130

    Boss Marine MR1305WUA USB/SD

  • 240-3140

    "Used Boss Marine MCK1305W.6 Package

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  • Sled
  • Infrared remote control
  • Connecting cables
  • Front cover case

The model with the Package also has