Bluefin LED Manta Ray through-hole installation with minimal hole

Manta Ray Manta Ray MR20

Manta Ray by Bluefin LED is the ideal solution for those who prefer through-hole installation, but want a reduced hole diameter.


The Manta Ray series is the optimal solution for those who prefer through-hole installation, but at the same time want to limit the hole diameter to only 30 mm. In fact, headlights with the possibility of replacing the LED body, such as the Mako or Great White, although they offer this appreciated prerogative, cannot contain the diameter of the hole below 60 mm (Mako).

The Manta series has been designed for boats up to 40 m, i.e. where the scenic impact must be proportionate to the value of these boats and the Manta series with a beam of 14,500 Lumen is able to meet the favor of the most pretentious.

The construction is in AB2 bronze with special coating designed with the implementation of Hydro Block and Nano technologies. It can be installed on any type of hull, but in case of steel or aluminium hull, a Delrin sheath must be used.

The Orca series is RINA approved, has reverse polarity protection, "Builtin Driver" solution, and an active thermal control able to calibrate the brightness if the heating exceeds a certain level.

The colour of the light is available in diamond white, cobalt blue, emerald green or the MR48CC model with colour variation.


  • 280-3100

    Bluefin LED Manta Ray MR20 TH - White - 14500 lm

  • 280-3110

    Bluefin LED Manta Ray MR20 TH - Blue - 14500 lm

  • 280-3120

    Bluefin LED Manta Ray MR20 TH - Green - 14500 lm

  • 280-3130

    Bluefin LED Manta Ray MR48 TH - Variation - 14500 lm

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  • Suggested for boats up to 40 mt.
  • Type approval by RINA.
  • Through installation
  • Requires a through-hole of only 30 mm.
  • Max Lamp 16,000 Lumen, Operating Brightness 14,500 Lumen. For the variation model 7,000 Lumen.
  • Beam 65°.
  • For 24 Vdc systems only.
  • Absorption 5.1 A
  • Life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Waterproof, over IPx8.
  • Thermal protection, supercharging and polarity reversal
  • Builtin Driver
  • Highly impact-resistant optical quality borosilicate lenses with 8 mm thickness
  • AB2 bronze frame
  • Diameter 140 mm, body height 208 mm, external thickness 32 mm, weight 2,7 Kg.


Gel connector, fuse holder, 2 fuses, screws and template.


Prices VAT Included