MGR450B Square Dashboard Stereo

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MGR450B is the new dashboard stereo of Boss Marine with a square shape to better live with the aesthetic lines of the more linear dashboards.

Why only round?

Stereo quadrato da cruscotto MGR450B n.1
Stereo quadrato da cruscotto MGR450B n.2
Due differenti conrnici incluse
Two different conrnices included
Seconda Stazione a Filo
Second Wire Station

The very popular MGR350B has become an absolute reference in the dashboard stereo market and its precious prerogatives have pushed it to be installed even where a quadrangular display would have interacted better with the aesthetic lines.

The dashboards of today's boats are increasingly stylized towards linear profiles and the quadrangular shape devices find an optimal placement. Think for example of a navigation plotter, would we ever be able to imagine it round on one of these planks?

The question comes back to us: why only round? "Boss Marine" responds with the model MGR450B, with stylization optimized towards aesthetic lines of the more linear dashboards or the dashboards rich in devices of quadrangular shape.

But the aesthetic tricks don't end there! The MGR450B includes two different frames in the package. A completely smooth and well smoothed for a more linear design. The other with profile worked for a more youthful and attractive style. That way it's up to you to make the final aesthetic touch!

The MGR450B was created to live with your smartphone providing a particularly easy audio streaming via Bluetooth. However, a lot of attention is also given to those who want to manage the functions in the traditional way. In fact, the unit has large keys and the interaction with the functions is really very simplified.
But not only that! ... If we want to have the same valuable control unit in another location, the MGR450 offers optionally a second station to be installed, for example, on the flybridge or in the cabin.

The MGR450B will be available next week from 29 January 2018 and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

Boss Marine MGR450B - Le Prerogative

  • Bluetooth for audio streaming.
  • Second optional MGR420R station with IPx6 protection.
  • Two frames included in the package (one smooth, the other with a machined profile swivel)
  • USB port on the back for reading and charging, can be stored in the console with optional accessory MUSB35.
  • AUX input on the back, can be stored in the console with optional accessory MUSB35.
  • IPx6 waterproof construction.
  • FM/AM radio synthesized with RDS.
  • Power 60W x 4 channels.
  • Built-in hole 76 x 76 mm, depth 84 mm, frontal dimensions 112 x 112 mm.
  • Marinisation Boss Marine.