Boss Marine MGR450B square dashboard stereo

MGR450B Boss Marine

The MGR450B is the new square dashboard stereo from Boss Marine, suitable for the most stylized dashboards or for those who want a second station.


The MGR450B was born in the wake of the success of the popular MGR350B and presents itself as a valid option for those who have a boat with a linearly stylized dashboard or those who want to place it on the dashboard in the vicinity of other quadrangular-shaped instruments.

Like its brother, the MGR450B is characterized by being a marine stereo with easy installation and able to find space even in the narrowest planks or those crowded with other devices.

The easy audio streaming from smartphone via Bluetooth connection, makes it a practical and fun to use stereo. But no problem for those who have their songs on a USB drive or on an old player with only the AUX output available, however in these cases you must buy separately the accessory MUSB35 that brings the USB and AUX input in the console.

In addition to the MGR350B functionality, the MGR450B offers the possibility to be controlled by a second wired remote station, the MGR420R. So we could complete our plant by adding in the cabin or on the flybridge, a second remote wired station that includes all the features of the master except the Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, for lovers of aesthetic finishes, the MGR450B includes in the package two different frames, one smooth, the other with a machined profile, so we can decide the one that best suits us at a later time.


  • 240-3495

    Boss Marine MGR450B - Dashboard Stereo

    GTIN13: 0791489125130; Weight: 1.5 kg; Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 14 cm
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  • Bluetooth for audio streaming.
  • Second optional MGR420R station with IPx6 protection.
  • Two frames included in the package (one smooth, the other with a machined profile swivel).
  • USB port on the back for reading and charging, can be stored in the console with optional accessory MUSB35.
  • AUX input on the back, can be stored in the console with optional accessory MUSB35.
  • IPx6 waterproof construction.
  • FM/AM radio synthesized with RDS.
  • Power 60W x 4 channels.
  • Built-in hole 76 mm, depth 84 mm, frontal dimensions 112 x 112 mm.
  • Marinisation Boss Marine.


  • Two frames, one completely smooth and the other with a machined profile.
  • Connecting cables.
  • Bracket kit and fixing bolts.


Prices include VAT