STEINER and the charm of a Commander

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Since the 70's the Commander has become a Symbol, not only among sailors from all over the world, but also among those who want to distiguise themselves ...

STEINER Commander, Professional, Elegant and Unique

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STEINER was the first manufacturer to integrate the compass into binoculars in 1979. These binoculars were called the Commander and from there was born a tradition that set this creation, like the Symbol of those who go to sea and are equipped with the right equipment.

Since 1973, STEINER has not stopped implementing exclusive new techniques on the Commander, worthy of a son born to the best masters of German optics. Thus, to their credit, the fascination of a Symbol that echoes throughout the nautical world.

The Commander is a perfect tool, as the STEINER masters are well aware, offering a warranty of 30. But it's not just born to be indestructible, but also to boast brightness, brilliance and contrast like no other marine binoculars can do.

The Commander series

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The following features are common to the entire range:

  • Made of Makrolon® (very resistant polycarbonate) and NBR rubber, to ensure maximum lightness and robustness able to counteract an impact up to 11G.
  • Steiner Nano-Protection® a molecular water repellent, able to repel water and dust from lenses.
  • Sports-Auto Focus™: For images that are always in focus from 20 meters to infinity.
  • Memory Diopter: stores your personal focus settings.
  • Sealed with dry nitrogen injected at 14 psi pressure with 2-way valve technology (N2 injection™). To counter fogging in all conditions.
  • Floating prism system with flexible silicone for shock absorption.
  • Chemical coatings are applied in all air-glass passages to ensure that the passage of light is optimised, so that our eye can perceive greater contrast and brighter details even in low light.
  • Production process articulated on more than 460 phases that attest the rigorous quality.
  • Waterproof to a depth of 10 metres.
  • 30 years warranty.

The compass, complete with grid for calculating distances, can be found on the Commander 7x50c and Global. It is particularly precise and fast in repositioning, and the Global's compass corrects magnetic offsets around the globe, making it suitable for international use.

Instead of a compass, the Commander LRF integrates a laser detector for distance calculation to accurately measure objects up to 1,700 meters.

The flagship of the top of the range, the Commander Global, is the coating of the lenses in Diamond Marine™, a special formula designed by Steiner to minimize reflections. It increases clarity, contrast and brightness for observations even in low light conditions.