Security at your fingertips with deckWatch

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The Vesper Marine deckWatch smartwatch app is a concentrate of smartAIS technology to push the boundaries of safety on the wrist.

A concentrate of technology for your safety

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Prevenzione collisioni
Collision Prevention
Allarme ancora
Anchor alarm
Allarme Uomo in Mare
Man overboard alarm
Vento Apparente
Apparent Wind

deckWatch is a concentrate of smartAIS technology through which you can be warned of potential collisions, the draft of the anchor, the eventuality of man overboard and you can monitor many other navigation data.

deckWatch uses the Android Wear 2 operating system to connect via WiFi directly to your Vesper Marine WatchMate XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision. Thus, all the valuable information on these systems and the smartAIS functionalities become available on a simple smartWatch.

We illustrated the smartAIS features of Vesper Marine with the following article:
Vesper Marine smartAIS
deckWatch not only uses the same features, but organizes and rationalizes them on a very practical and intuitive interface.

deckWatch won the NMMA Innovation Award in the safety category at the recent IBEX 2017 trade fair and was considered by these experts to be an important step forward in the safety of navigation.

Lucky owners of a Vesper Marine WatchMate XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision can now download the free deckWatch app by updating the firmware. This is a further confirmation of the value of these devices, where with a modest initial investment, you have the opportunity to have a navigation system increasingly complete and able to evolve over time.

Start the video (unfortunately in English) to learn more:

deckWatch operating mode

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deckWatch app is only available for smartWatch with Android Wear 2 system. The choice is dependent on the fact that other systems need to relate to smartphones and tablets, while a device, so oriented towards security, needs to be able to operate completely independently.

A wide range of smartwatches with Android Wear 2 system is now available, such as the Nixon Mission, LG Sport or LG Urbane. Once you have downloaded the app and made a WiFi connection with the WatchMate XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision, we will have information at your fingertips that will make our navigation safer and quieter.

deckWatch works closely with the WatchMate XB-8000 and WatchMate Vision, whose systems already provide a siren to signal alarms. Therefore, the task of the deckWatch is not so much to signal the alarm as to allow the nature of the alarms to be identified and their details to be verified.

DeckWatch Functionality

Allarme Anti-collisione
Anti-Collision Alarm
Allarme Scarroccio Ancora
Scarroccio Anchor Alarm
Allarme Uomo in Mare
Man overboard alarm

The deckWatch attaches particular importance to three types of alarms: anti-collision, anchor and man overboard. It also summarises all important navigation data.

The anti-collision alarm constantly informs you about all the risks of collision present on our route. Lists them in order of priority, graphically showing the position of the other vessel and the CPA.

With the anchor alarm you will be constantly informed about the distance and direction from the original position of your anchor that you have previously stored.

The man overboard alarm operates through any MOB AIS on the market and is detected by the WatchMate XB-8000 or WatchMate Vision, while the deckWatch repeats the alarm and displays the distance and course to the unfortunate.

The deckWatch summarizes all important navigation data: apparent wind speed and direction, depth, speed, course, SOG, COG, water temperature and position.