XB-8000 and smartAIS technology

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Vesper Marine introduces smartAIS technology, which enriches the number of alarms on the XB-8000 and gives greater security to the entire system.

smartAIS, diligent management on an intelligent alarm system

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Sirena ed interruttore
Siren and switch

The XB-8000 was the first AIS transponder blackbox to include WiFi and advanced router functionality as it could process data already present on the boat in both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 and reroute it to WiFi or cable via NMEA (0183 or 2000).

Today the XB-8000 becomes an even more important device, implementing the new Vesper Marine smartAIS technology that consists in an enrichment of the set of alarms available and a better management of these alerts, also because of a siren and its switch (as the last image of this article), which have been added in the packaging of the XB-8000.

SmartAIS is able to intelligently manage the detection of numerous alarms, recognizing those with a higher priority and in need of immediate action. The intent of smartAIS technology is to actively monitor dangerous situations and to improve safety without the captain monitoring every possible situation continuously.

SmartAIS actively calculates all vessels with AIS transponders activated and promptly intercepts a collision risk, based on a careful calculation of the CPA with each vessel. The CPA alarm can be activated on our route or by delimiting a guard area.

Anchor alarms are very advanced, capable of promptly detecting a significant drift. The alarm in this case not only considers the initial position, but performs continuous storage of the position, to understand with less probability of error, that it is a real danger to our anchorage. In addition, by connecting the NMEA data of other sensors, the system can add to the calculation calculations the change in wind direction and force or the change in depth, thus further increasing the accuracy of the threshold of intervention of this alarm.

The MOB alarm has also been particularly well looked after. This alarm can detect any AIS MOB that has been activated following a man's fall into the sea and guide you carefully towards its recovery.

Upgrading your XB-8000 to the new smartAIS features is easy. Simply connect a smartphone to the Internet and launch the free app. At this point the user will receive a notification to download the update. Then when your smartphone is connected to the XB-8000 it will automatically perform the firmware update.