Today we present our Mobile version

presentiamo oggi la nostra versione mobile news 1

We want to offer our customers the best, from this premise was born the intense commitment to the realization of our mobile version.

A mobile site all for our customers

Presentiamo oggi la nostra versione Mobile n.1
Presentiamo oggi la nostra versione Mobile n.2

This new mobile version is next to the "old" desktop version and the latter will not be discontinued (at least shortly). The new version focuses on smartphones and tablets, or rather all those devices equipped with "touch", the desktop version remains for all other uses. However, users are free to choose the mobile version also for desktop use.

The latest technologies have been used, so it is enhanced in the latest generation devices. However, the version has been tested to offer a service even with browsers and devices of some years ago, but the older the browser or hardware, the more scalely the graphical effects and the overall quality decrease. It prefers Android devices and Google Chrome browser, but also fits well on Apple devices with Safari browser.

Technically we have little doubt about the effectiveness of our new mobile site, but who will give the most important judgment of this work will be our customers.

That's right, we have done this intense work with our customers in mind. That is to say for the operators of the nautical sector but also for the many end users who follow us with great interest (even though they are not allowed the possibility of direct purchase).

Our Intent

Presentiamo oggi la nostra versione Mobile n.3

Our goal was to create one of the first sites that had the same prerogatives as an app, namely a similar speed of execution and ease of control of features. All this to give our customers the best tool available today.

We don't have to judge whether we did it, but surely our mobile site is very fast and we think it's also easy to use just like an app.

To achieve our goal we had to produce totally new techniques, in a branch of technology distant from the marine sector, but equally exciting. We are convinced that this passion of ours will be taken over by our many visitors.

Our site uses techniques that are still not widely used, so we recommend you read the Training News on the use of mobile, related to this news. Moreover, if you are curious and passionate about computer science, we suggest you also read the technical notes.

Marketing Area

Presentiamo oggi la nostra versione Mobile n.4

As a sore point, we must point out that the marketing area, reserved for resellers, has simply been adapted to mobile needs and navigation is not easy.
So for the reserved area we do not recommend the use of the mobile version and we suggest to continue to use the desktop version, unless you have a particular familiarity in using the mobile or you just have to pass orders. We are now working on a new mobile version of the Marketing Area that will be available in spring 2016.