Pomotion Sound Safe 2016

pomozione sound safe 2016 news 1

GME pays homage to a Sound Safe with the purchase of an EPIRB, a promotion not valid for Buy Back transactions.

Free Sound Safe with Purchase of an EPIRB

Pomozione Sound Safe 2016 n.1

GME and Marine Pan Service repeat the Sound Safe Promotion that was launched at the beginning of 2015 and expired on 30/06/2015.

GME is the undisputed first reference in EPIRB technology. This was achieved through a commitment to the highest standards and close cooperation with the authorities, especially the Australian authorities.

But GME's production is not limited to EPIRBs, but also covers other segments, such as communications, security and audio.

For this reason GME has decided to launch this promotion on the Italian market, with the intention of delighting users with an audio device, able to protect the phone and to cheer with good music even when you are in the water.

Promotion details

For each EPIRB purchased outside of the Buy Back Campaign, a GME Sound Safe is paid for.

The promotion starts today and expires on 31/03/2017.

GME products and Sound Safe Promotion are available from the best marine retailers.