GME Sound Safe Music from Your Mobile Phone

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GME Sound Safe is a new way to listen to music from your mobile phone, guarding it from water and shocks, anywhere...

Sound Safe, Why?

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Today many of us seem inseparable from our mobile phones or iPods or MP3 players. We would like to take these items with us to any place, whether at sea, on the beach, in the mountains or on the construction site.

Obviously our concern is to ruin these objects with water, sand, dust or by dropping them on the ground or in the sea.

GME Sound Safe has been specially designed for these needs!

Sound Safe a New Way to Live Music

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The Australian GME, leader in the production of EPIRB, or devices where protection against water and solidity require the highest standards, launches on the market this unique protective box, able not only to store your smartphone, but also to insert it into an amplified audio system and float.

The Sound Safe is a robust floating case with an integrated amplified speaker, designed to be connected to a smartphone, iPod or any MP3 player through the 3.5 mm audio connector.

The Sound Safe is really a new way to brighten up your days, always accompanied by your favorite music and the ability to listen to it anywhere, even when you're in the water, perhaps by attaching the SoundSafe to your mattress.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "We are used to GME as the company that can guarantee the highest standards ever. Today, however, GME surprises us with a simple but ingenious product. An innovative box, born to be the best friend of the smartphone and able to store it, to play for him, to protect it from water and shocks.
Sound Safe, at an affordable price, will be able to accompany us with our favorite music in any situation. We're convinced it's going to be one of the top-selling products this summer."

Sound Safe: How to Use

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Simply select your music, plug in your smartphone and adjust the volume. Once you close the sturdy waterproof case (IPx7), your smatphone will not only be protected, it will also be able to broadcast music through an amplified system.

The rugged case not only keeps your smartphone away from the water, but is also designed to protect against impacts and drops.

Sound Safe can hold virtually any MP3 player or mobile phone, including the latest iPhone5, and there is also a small extra space for keys, money, credit cards or documents.

Sound Safe also ensures good sound quality. The intelligent structure of the box, allows a good bass performance, with excellent results on the overall sound quality. Another important feature is the minimum absorption, thanks to the use of a very efficient class D amplifier, so that the Sound Safe can have an autonomy of up to 30 hours through the use of only 3 stylus batteries (not supplied).

The supplied carabiner allows you to attach it to your backpack, tent or whatever ring you have available, so that the Sound Safe can cheer with its music wherever you are.

To ensure that the container inside maintains a constant pressure and ensures easy opening at low or high altitudes, the Sound Safe is equipped with a special valve that at the same time does not allow water to penetrate inside.