New Stereo and Boss Marine Technologies

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Boss Marine renews the mid-range stereo range by introducing two new models and discontinuing the MR648W.

"Boss Marine and the new MR632UAB and MR508UABW

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"Boss Marine" has achieved a truly unique success, thanks also to the support of a wide range of models. Each of us has our own distinct needs (especially in boats) and Boss Marine wants to give a specific answer, offering a wide choice with effective differentiations between the various models.

Today Boss Marine presents the new MR632UAB and MR508UABW that enrich the midrange of the range of marine stereos. Both models are equipped with Bluetooth connection with A2DP protocol, just to optimize listening from services such as Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, Google Music, Apple Music etc.. So the songs scanned by the App of our smartphone, can be controlled directly from the stereo, even via its remote control.

In addition, Bluetooth provides hands-free functionality so that our boat can also be equipped with this useful technology. We will then be able to talk on the phone with friends, being close to the microphone (located on the front of the stereo) and listen to the voice from the speakers of the boat.

The MR508UABW differs from the MR632UAB in that it has a traditional CD/DVD player, making it suitable for those who still have a large CD archive. While for the youngest it is certainly suggested the MR508UABW that, not having mechanical parts, better preserves its prerogatives over time.

Both have the USB and AUX inputs in the front position, protected by a comfortable rubber cover and always ready to accommodate external readers. While behind the removable front panel there is a well protected slot for the SD card, where we can store an infinite number of songs and have them always available.

The MR508UABW and MR632UAB incorporate AM/FM radio and are equipped with an infrared remote control. They come out with a power of 50W (peak) for 4 channels and have 2 preamp outputs, the one on the back is suitable to be connected to an external amplifier and thus implement the onboard audio system to high levels.

The Boss Marine MR508UABW and MR632UAB are already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.
On the same occasion, the MR648W is discontinued and the price of the MR1308UAB model is reduced, including its MCK1308WB.6 package version.