New Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA and MR1308UAB

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Boss Marine renews the design of the popular MR1305WUA, launching the new MR1306UA stereo and integrating features; Bluetooth on the new MR1308UAB.

Nuovi Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA e MR1308UAB n.1
Nuovi Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA e MR1308UAB n.2
Nuovi Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA e MR1308UAB n.3
Nuovi Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA e MR1308UAB n.4
Nuovi Stereo Boss Marine MR1306UA e MR1308UAB n.5

The stereo Boss Marine MR1305WUA is now considered out of production but will be replaced by 2 models with all the papers in order to inherit the great success of their predecessor.

In fact, the new models are based on the same principles: low cost, solid state construction, USB/AUX inputs on the front panel and the usual pleasant aesthetics of Boss products, but with the addition of a few improvements.

The new MR1306UA consistently follows the characteristics of the MR1305WUA, but with a new look and an even more functional USB/AUX protective rubber.

However, the most interesting novelty is present in the older brother. The MR1308UAB, in fact, while presenting a design and features similar to the MR1306UA, also includes the popular Bluetooth features. The MR1308UAB can in fact connect to any mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth within a radius of 10 meters, to listen to the songs contained in it or to manage from the stereo hands-free phone communications.

Marine Pan Service comments: "It's difficult to combine quality standards with the needs of today's users who require increasingly lower costs. "Boss Marine" succeeds in this goal, without neglecting the multi-connectivity to digital media, the audio quality, the best marinizing and the pleasant aesthetic senzo. This is also true of entry-level stereos, and the new MR1306UA & MR1308UAB are a perfect example.

Both models are also available in a package version that includes a pair of MR6W speakers and the MRANT10 FM antenna.
These models and versions will be available in our warehouses from 27th May 2013.
Further information is available on the product sheet, which can be accessed via the links in the related items or via the hyperlinks on this page.