Sail with iPhone and iPad all together

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Bad Elf expands its range with the new GPS Pro+ able to create new navigation scenarios on your iPhone and iPad.

Apple and Bad Elf towards new Navigation Concepts

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Many Apple fans have found in Bad Elf the same philosophy "It just works!". In fact, Bad Elf is an active partner of Apple and presents itself with the primary objective of producing products according to the same philosophy.

Bad Elf has radically changed the philosophy of approach in any type of navigation: no longer a single person dedicated to the control of the devices on board, but it is now all the crew that benefits from the navigation data on their iPhone or IPad, and becomes an important active part. In fact, the crew is no longer left to its own devices, but today finally integrates and collaborates with the choices of the captain.

The results of the navigation performances are no longer entrusted to the inspiration of a single person, but are the expression of the strength of a group that benefits from Apple devices with the addition of Bad Elf technology.

The new Bad Elf GPS Pro+

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Today Bad Elf presents the new GPS Pro+ which is part of the line of GPS Data Loggers for iPhone and IPad, and adds the reception of the constellation of GLONASS satellites, a barometric sensor and access to files via USB.

The GPS Pro+ has a very sensitive and fast GPS to acquire the fix, a reduced absorption (35 hours of autonomy) and a perfect integration with iPhone, iPad and iPod. The GPS Pro+ does not need the assistance of telephone repeaters to acquire the fix and will therefore always be able to promptly provide a reliable location.

The GPS Pro+ can simultaneously connect 5 Apple devices and send via Bluetooth the best GPS/GLONASS fix and other navigation data. So the whole crew can not only take advantage of the same navigation data, but also disconnect the internal GPS of the Apple device to extend its range.

The Data Logger feature allows up to 200 hours of continuous position recording and thus provides a very powerful analysis environment. So when our navigation is over, we will have the data to reconstruct our experience, share it with other friends and refine our navigation techniques.

The GPS Pro+ works perfectly with the best navigation apps for water, aviation and all action sports or outdoor. Bad Elf has categorized all the best navigation apps on this page:
App for category on the official website Bad Elf

Special features of Bad Elf GPS Pro+

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  • Via Bluetooth it sends GPS position to up to 5 Apple devices at the same time.
  • Via USB sends GPS position to PC and Mac.
  • Barometric sensor for pressure reading and altitude measurement with greater accuracy.
  • Data Logger to store up to 200 hours of navigation.
  • 66 channel GPS receiver with SBAS/WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS correctors and GLONASS receiver, to an accuracy of 2.5 meters.
  • Compatible with the best desktop navigation programs.
  • Compatible with all the best navigation apps.
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G and later, iPod 2 and later, iPad 1 (iPad Air and iPad mini) and later.
  • No Internet connection or subscription is required.
  • 35 hours of autonomy in continuous use.
  • Splash-proof (IPx4).
  • Dimensions 76.5 x 61.5 x 17.5 mm. Weight 90 grams.

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