Nav-Station C1 the Professional Controller for All

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The Nav-Station C1 is a marine GPS controller type that you can connect to any HDMI screen for a better display of the map.

Nav-Station C1 Electronic Cartography at Maximum Resolution

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Nav-Station C1 il Controller Professionale per Tutti n.2
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The Nav-Station C1, at an affordable price, provides the yachtsman with the technology used on professional boats, such as fishing boats, which have always preferred this type of system.

The great advantage of the controller is that it can display the cartographic images on the best displays on the market today, of any size and brand.

Conveniently connects to any screen with HDMI input. This way, you will stack all your navigation functions from the C1 keyboard (or optionally from the R1 remote control via radio) and display the electronic map with high-definition images (HD ready) on the screen of your choice.

The Nav-Station C1, being a professional controller, will have a very wide set of navigation functions and suitable for even the most demanding commander.

It has an NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 interface, making it suitable for many other functions. We can connect a black box fishfinder, an AIS, an autopilot or monitor multiple engine data that on newer boats are already available on the dashboard in NMEA 2000 format. The visualizations of these features are customizable and easily activated.

The Nav-Station C1 is small, built entirely in Italy, waterproof to IPx6 standard, robust and durable as the Nav-Station plotters have always shown.

The Nav-Station C1 is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best nautical retailers.

Nav-Sation in a new era

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Nav-Station C1 il Controller Professionale per Tutti n.6
Nav-Station C1 il Controller Professionale per Tutti n.7

It's been a while since Nav-Station introduced a new product. In the meantime we have been observing the competition and some have been able to distinguish themselves with new approaches and better graphic design, which has made some mechanisms similar to those used on smartphones.

Some users have appreciated these new approaches and features. Others have considered that to navigate you need help with chart operations and the features like "smartphone" are only needed if you are very much in a port.

We have no doubt: we take the side of those who sail. For this reason, after our break, we thought of a purely professional product, but that presented itself at a cost suitable to be spread in the pleasure craft and even on small boats. This is the Nav-Station C1, which was created with a single requirement for the user: to have a propensity for "good navigation".

We're not stopping here. Nav-Station is thinking about other new products and in exactly one year we will be presenting a new series with 9" displays with a similar approach to functionality and many new solutions.

What is the controller?

Nav-Station C1 il Controller Professionale per Tutti n.8
Nav-Station C1 il Controller Professionale per Tutti n.9

The controller is a full-fledged marine plotter, but does not have its own display, but offers an HDMI output (previously using VGA) to connect any display with this input in a convenient and practical way.

The controller is usually small in size and has a keyboard at the front for access to all functions. It is installed on its bracket or recessed and its size makes it easy to install even in the smallest planks.

The great advantage of a controller is that you can choose your own display. So if we have a small size on our dashboard, we will buy a compact one, otherwise we will space on large displays so that even the smallest detail of navigation can be clearly distinguished.

For such prerogatives the controller has always been the most appreciated type of nautical GPS on professional boats. Nowadays, these prerogatives are appreciated also in the pleasure sector, especially by those who are serious sailors or who enjoy fishing.