The Best GPS for your iPhone and iPad

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Insert a powerful Bad Elf GPS on your iPhone or iPad, to make it a real Nautical GPS through a large number of compatible Apps.

Bad Elf the first reference for Apple yachtsmen

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There is no doubt of the spread of the use of iPad or iPhone on our boats, we have also highlighted it in this article: Smartphone on Boat

It should be noted, however, that these valuable devices were not strictly designed for navigation needs, so the first commitment must be to customize them to make them better comparable to a Nautical GPS.
The first step is undoubtedly to equip your iPad or iPhone with a professional GPS designed specifically for your navigation needs.

Bad Elf carefully meets this need with the creation of a specific line of high performance GPS for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod touchhes, all "Apple Approved". In particular, these GPS make the fix faster, more precise and allow the separation of the GPS from the other components of the iPad/iPhone. thus limiting the boring possible interference that can affect both the proper functioning of the GPS and other features of the iPad/iPhone. Moreover, since the absorption of the Bad Elf GPS is so low, it will also be possible to optimize the recharging autonomy.

It should also be noted that many models of iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touches on the market, are in the "WiFi Only" version, ie without GPS inside and these have the ability to calculate the position only via telephone repeaters, so absolutely not suitable for navigation needs. For all these "WiFi Only" models, Bad Elf is undoubtedly the first choice to make them true navigation aids and capable of making many of the features of a nautical GPS.

The repentant yachtsman brings on the boat beyond the iPhone also the iPad, in fact the iPhone is left available for all common needs such as telephony, so the iPad is used to the full as a real secondary navigation device and it is on this iPad (especially if "WiFi Only"), which makes it necessary to connect a GPS Bad Elf.

Bad Elf designs high performance 66 channel GPS with WAAS corrector, capable of being accurate up to 2.5 meters. and acquire the fix in just 2 seconds (hot start). The receiver searches for up to 15 satellites simultaneously and provides position 10 times per second.

Bad Elf was the winner of the TechRadar award for "Best GPS Device" at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (the world's largest electronics fair).

Bad Elf products are imported into Italy by Marine Pan Service and are already available in our warehouses.

Bad Elf GPS models

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Bad Elf offers 3 options to meet the needs of a wide range of models of iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touches.

The BE-GPS-1000 connects, like an extension, on the back of Apple devices with 30-pin connector, leaving a micro USB input so it remains open the possibility of charging or other use of this port, so as to limit the need to disconnect the GPS from the Apple device.

The BE-GPS-1008 is instead specific for Apple devices with Lightning connector, with the same mounting prerogatives as the BE-GPS-1000, but with a better finished design and the addition of a Glonass receiver inside so that the fix is even more secure and precise. It is also so small (28 x 28 x 7 mm) that it is normally compatible with most of the housings or mounts on the market today, unless they block the input of the Lightning connector.

The GPS Pro model, on the other hand, meets all types of Apple devices regardless of the connector, is in fact external, connects via Bluetooth and can provide the position of up to 5 devices simultaneously. In addition, it can also operate autonomously and download the data in deferred mode, so that, for example, it is possible to analyse the route taken during a naval trip at a later date.

All models come with a free app for monitoring GPS reception status and basic navigation features. In addition, several navigation apps are fully compatible with nautical GPS functionality, to facilitate the search, Bad Elf on its website has categorized the best applications at this link: App for category on the official website Bad Elf