Great scenic impact with Piranha P24 by Bluefin LED

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Piranha P24 is Bluefin LED's answer to the yachtsman who requires ever brighter headlights while maintaining a simple installation mode.

Bluefin LED Piranha P24 for the pretentious yachtsman

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The yachtsman is increasingly fascinated by the scenic impact that underwater lights have around the boat, but at the same time understands that brightness plays an essential role in the creation of this effect.

In the category of surface mount luminaires, the new Piranha P24 series from Bluefin LED is by far the brightest. With a beam of 10,000 lumens it is suitable for effects of great involvement and at the same time maintains the notorious simplicity of installation of surface mount headlights.

This series also offers the Dual version, created to win the indecision between the choice of blue and white (which are the most popular). In fact, with the Dual we can select only the blue or white color, or both with the resultant color of a cold white. The series is completed by the version in white, cobalt blue, sapphire blue, green and the model with color variation. All 6 versions are compatible with 12 and 24 V systems.

The Piranha P24 series includes all those technologies and solutions that have distinguished Bluefin LED in terms of reliability, such as the Builtin Driver solution and the self-regulating thermal control that makes it suitable for installations outside the water, as the pharaoh will adjust to a lower brightness to avoid overheating.

Like all Bluefin LED models, the Piranha P24 is RINA approved and features a robust AB2 bronze construction with high impact resistant polymer optics.

The measures in the installation of the "Surface Mount" headlights

The surface mount underwater lights, i.e. with bulkhead installation with only the passage of the cable inside the hull, was an idea primarily developed by Bluefin LED to make the installation easier. Today, most manufacturers offer this type of solution, confirming that Bluefin LED's intuition was valid.

At the same time, this solution involves specific precautions during installation and if they are not followed carefully, you may damage the headlight or even create problems for the boat.

All surface mount luminaires from any manufacturer are subject to these risks. Bluefin LED, having been the first to try this type of headlamp, is the manufacturer who has put in place a number of major measures to try to limit the problems due to poor installation. However, after years of experimentation and the various solutions adopted, still today Bluefin LED warns that there is no definitive solution to installations done badly.

We would therefore like to draw your attention once again to this issue, referring you to an article published on 06/12/2016:

Let's enhance the quality of Bluefin LED products

The most frequent errors that have been found in the field, in order of importance are:

  • Application of poor sikaflex or unevenly spread sikaflex.
  • The boat was launched without waiting for the sikaflex to have had time to shrink. The operation must be carried out before the first coat of antifouling to facilitate the learning of sikaflex in dry for a week.
  • The installation inside the hull has not been taken care of by not installing the gel connector or the fuse.

At the same time, we must make the problem less serious by pointing out that the vast majority of Italian shipyards are committed to a workmanlike installation in accordance with the instructions in the manual. Unfortunately, there are few who do not follow some of these precautions and we can not push them to consult the manual even when there are problems, they simply blame the manufacturer.

We would like this awareness-raising campaign to be carried out by other producers as well, so that together we can try to circumscribe unreliable construction sites and, as far as possible, encourage them to consult the manual.

Bluefin LED price increase

From today on, we are contributing to the Bluefin LED price list small increases, due to the increases in the costs of some raw materials. Among the best-selling series we point out the increase of 14% on P3, 9% on P12 and only 2% on P6 Nitro.