We value the quality of Bluefin LED products

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Bluefin LED products have proven to be highly reliable; however, which can be undermined by careless installation, we would like to give you some suggestions ...

Information campaign to avoid reckless installations

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Bluefin LED has demonstrated the value of each of its products in the field with a very low percentage of service returns and almost exclusively relegated to a bad installation of the product.

Bluefin LED is therefore carrying out a campaign to avoid those problems resulting from a bad installation.

There are few tricks that we have to give, but can not be underestimated, the manual describes these tricks well and we recommend you to read it even if you feel like experts.

Gel Connector for a professional installation

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There have been a few cases, where the cable connection inside has been done in an approximate way and the water from the bilge has run through the cable until it reaches the inside of the lighthouse damaging it irretrievably.

Bluefin LED is therefore well recommended that the connection inside be made in a watertight manner. For this reason, Bluefin LED products are now included with a gel connector, i.e. a junction box immersed in the gel, to be used carefully when connecting the cable inside the hull.

So Bluefin LED now provides to insert the gel connector inside each package and the model of the box varies depending on the series as shown in the images on the side:

  • The first image refers to the gel connector used for the P3, P6, P12 and B12 series.
  • The second to that used by the DL6 series.
  • The third to that used by the H16, H20, H48, S16, S20, S48, GW16, GW20, GW48, M12 and M24 series.

We spread the sikaflex evenly

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Another secondary case of bad installation concerns the surface mount series such as the Piranha, where some lights were sprinkled with sikaflex in an uneven way or the 3 screws had not been well tightened. Please note that the back of the lighthouse is not watertight, as the cable gland is not perfectly sealable, so if the sikaflex is not uniform the water can find its way to the cable gland and enter into the lighthouse.

To solve this problem, we can only recommend that you follow the installation instructions in the manual carefully.
Before applying the sikaflex, the surfaces must be sanded down and then thoroughly cleaned. The sikaflex must be evenly spread, must not be poor and must, if possible, correspond to one of the types described in the manual.
Tightening to the hull must be done immediately after, with the help of the screws provided, which will ensure the pressure necessary for the correct tightening of the sikaflex.