GME MT610G the new reference for PLBs

gme mt610g il nuovo riferimento per i plb news 1

From the leader of emergency devices comes a new PLB, aiming to set a new benchmark in performance, convenience and reliability.

GME MT610G: Safety in your Everywhere

GME MT610G il nuovo riferimento per i PLB n.1
GME MT610G il nuovo riferimento per i PLB n.2
GME MT610G il nuovo riferimento per i PLB n.3

More than 30 years have passed since GME produced one of the very first PLB in history, then each new model has marked an important step and a reference in the market.

Today the spotlight is on the brand new MT610G, which comes from a unique project for the number of engineers involved and for the meticulousness with which it was carried out. A project that took several years to complete, but in the end the meticulousness was rewarded with an incomparable product in terms of performance, practicality and reliability.

TheMT610G is very small in size, immediate to activate the alarm and above all guarantees the correct functioning in every situation, as no other PLB is able to do.

Much attention has been given to the use of the MT610G in the marine sector, in fact theMT610G, despite its small size, floats independently and offers a protection IP68(submersible). Therefore it presents itself as an excellent alternative to theEPIRB, for all categories of vessels that do not require it. However, the PLB, unlike theEPIRB, is intended as a tool for all the needs of all outdoor activities, that is, it is that device that should never be missing even in a simple outing.

The product was designed and built in Australia according to a set of techniques developed by GME in these 30 years of experience. A technology that has saved hundreds of lives and that is offered by GME with 6 years warranty.

TheMT610G is already available in our warehouses and can be purchased from the best dealers.

GME MT610G the Prerogatives ...

  • Float
  • 6 years warranty
  • IP68protection
  • Battery life 7 years
  • Small size: 88 x 66 x 36 mm
  • Very light: 160 gr.
  • Very simple activation
  • Activates immediately without the need for preheating
  • 24 hours alarm duration at -20°C (longer at higher temperatures)
  • High visibility LED strobe light
  • Certified in class 2 by COSPAS-SARSAT.
  • Batteries rated "non-hazardous
  • GPS/Galileo with 72 channels