CruzPro Knowing the Wind with Accuracy

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CruzPro presents two new products for the sailing market for greater precision in the detection of wind data.

From Auckland the highest precision to detect the wind

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CruzPro announces the availability of two new products, mainly intended for the sailing market and oriented towards users who want more accuracy in the measurement of wind data.

CruzPro UWSD10

The UWSD10 model is equipped with 4 ultrasonic sensors, configured on a three-dimensional matrix, to provide wind speed, direction and temperature data with excellent accuracy. Moreover, as it is not composed of any moving mechanical part, it has a longer life span.

This technological project was born in collaboration with the prestigious Yacht Research Unit of the engineering faculty of the University of Auckland, which has also made its wind tunnel available.

Wind tunnel data show that not only is the accuracy of the UWSD10 far superior to traditional mechanical sensors, but it is also at the top of those using this new ultrasonic technology and wind speed is provided with a minimum resolution of 0.01 knots. In addition, the three-dimensional matrix calculation allows you not to be affected by errors derived from the angle of heel.

The data is sent to a reading unit (such as the WSD-110) via NMEA 0183, absorbs only 20 mA and comes complete with a 30 m cable and two waterproof connectors.

The CruzPro UWSD10 is therefore a product intended for the most attentive users and professionals of sailing who require the state of the art in the accuracy of wind data collected.

CruzPro WSD-110

The WSD-110 is a wind instrument that with simplicity and sobriety, shows the most relevant wind data such as apparent speed, real speed, VMG, apparent wind direction, real wind direction and temperature.

To provide the calculation of VMG, real speed and real direction, the WSD-110 requires the NMEA 0183 speed data (normally provided by a GPS), while all other readings require a wind sensor such as the CruzPro UWSD10.

The WSD-110 can store the history of the readings in intervals of 2.5 seconds to 10 minutes, to provide up to 40 days of continuous recording. The stored data can be exported in CSV format (compatible with Excel).