Cortex is changing the way we think about boat technology

cortex sta cambiando il modo di concepire la tecnologia in barca news 1

Cortex is much more than a formidable device, it is considered the witness of the transition to another generation of technology.

The future of marine technology and the role of Cortex

Cortex sta cambiando il modo di concepire la tecnologia in barca n.1
Cortex sta cambiando il modo di concepire la tecnologia in barca n.2
Cortex sta cambiando il modo di concepire la tecnologia in barca n.3
Cortex sta cambiando il modo di concepire la tecnologia in barca n.4

Let's try to describe the three highlights that will distinguish the nautical technology of the future:

Data can be used anywhere

The yachtsman will need all the data processed by all the devices of a boat to be easily accessible on a portable device anywhere in the world. That is to say, you need all these data to be well distributed on the boat, but also in the restaurant after leaving the boat in the harbor, or when we are at home or on a business trip. Of course, the data must also provide for alarming if the measurements are not in the normal parameters.

Communication hubs

Today we talk about VHF, DSC and AIS, but these technologies, to give their best individually, must be perfectly integrated with each other. So we will talk more and more about a communication HUB, which will include the three technologies, and that will have to be installed by default in the boat.


For safety reasons, the authorities in each country are pushing for mandatory AIS identification. In Italy we are late, but over the years we have already had several extensions of this obligation to more categories and pleasure boating will not be excluded. Although this may interfere with the privacy of yachtsmen, they increasingly have the desire to locate their friend's boat and have a way to contact him directly.

The Cortex already represents this future, let us list the three titles, explaining how the Cortex has already met these needs:


The usability of the data is guaranteed by the NMEA Gateway functionality (a state-of-the-art feature that Vesper has optimized over the years). The portability is fulfilled by the same Cortex handset or by the various apps available for all portable systems including the one for smartwatch (on Android Wear 2). The data is disseminated via WiFI (on the whole boat) and via 4g or WiFi to the world. The alarms are a real prerogative of Vesper, for simplicity and effectiveness of the settings, also on the Cortex are scanned with a voice, so that you can understand the nature even before you see the display.

Communication hubs

The Cortex already perfectly integrates the state of the art as VHF, DSC and AIS, everything is absolved in the blackbox M1. Once a boat installs the Cortex, only the whims to add remain...


Vesper was born as a manufacturer of AIS and has developed over the years the best AIS technology and now the Cortex operates with the newest SOTDMA protocol. With the Cortex we can contact our friend's boat, in a direct way, with a simple "tap".

This will not be the last article we will discuss about the Cortex. In fact, an instrument that is marking an epoch-making passage in technology inevitably needs to be framed in more than one perspective in order to be truly understood.