FeX the new web app of Marine Pan Service

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We were driven by strong motivation and created a web app on the electronic invoice XML with the hope that it will be useful to Italians.

We want to break an abstract concept

FeX la nuova web app di Marine Pan Service n.1
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Don't waste time, go and see what it is about right now (we strongly suggest you start with the video)

: https://fex-app.com

It may seem strange for a company in the marine industry to engage in completely different activities, but we have had some good reasons that we have described on the following page:

FeX app - Why FeX?

In reality, the inspiration came from our common work, and therefore from the nautical sector itself. Shortly before the advent of electronic invoicing, our staff had been well trained on this subject, as it should have been, in front of such an important event. When we sent the first invoices, we needed to make many of our customers understand some of the mechanisms. Sometimes there were technical problems that our client could not understand and he put us in touch with his accountant.

We want to praise the spirit of the accountants, because although they presented us without any title, they have all listened well to our suggestions. So we realized that there was a lot of room for clarity, indeed it was necessary for someone to make a commitment to put together all the information and enclose it in a web app.

The Italian software houses, all engaged in their business, had no interest in something that would help to clarify. The Italian Ministries or Agencies could certainly have developed something like this, but one can in no way rage against them, considering the success they have had with the undisputed reliability of the Exchange System.

So we found ourselves on a track that identified us as the company that had to take responsibility for providing this web app.

All this was only possible thanks to our customers. It is not easy to move resources for a company as small as ours towards such an important objective. However, when you have such a loyal clientele, companies can also have room to express themselves towards other tasks, which then become duties.

So the first big thank you goes to our nautical customers who have allowed us this development and we hope that you will feel FeX app as something of yours.

The objectives of the FeX app

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We believe it can take Italians 50 years to digest the concepts and opportunities of electronic invoicing.
Our first objective is to reduce this learning time.

We want to propose the use of FeX App in schools, it would be crucial that the children leave the schools, facing the electronic bill with the objectives on opportunities, that is, contrary to how we have done, having received it as an obligation, we have used it only for the controversy.

Putting aside the obvious interest in FeX app by accountants and software houses, the hope is that a little bit all Italians will acquire more confidence with this technology, so far from being discovered in all its potential.

In the app we mention many hidden opportunities in electronic invoicing, such as Fex Marketing, as a new horizon for the propagation of the corporate image. I hope we've given you some good ideas!

We promise that we will continue to refine the services of FeX app and that there will be no shortage of surprises about future developments ...