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GME has identified a problem with EPIRB products between January 2005 and February 2008, which if still in service, need to be replaced free of charge.

Details of the problem and affected units

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After extensive testing, GME has identified a problem with the microprocessor on certain units that could compromise the correct operation of the EPIRB in the emergency phase.

GME in consultation with the Australian maritime authorities has decided as a precautionary measure to withdraw from service some EPIRBs and exactly those produced from January 2005 to February 2008. The models affected by the problem are MT400, MT401 and MT403 with the serial number between 50101000 and 80250722. GPS models are not affected by the problem.

GME is sorry for the problem and regrets not being able to detect it before. GME has always distinguished itself by carefully observing the strictest production standards in order to place EPIRB on the market as far as possible free from production defects, but sometimes in the electronics some defects are not detectable even by the most accurate tests during production.

That's why GME suggests that all users test their EPIRB regularly, regardless of its brand. In fact, all EPIRBs on the market have a self-test procedure, which gives them greater confidence in their operating status.

Related items include the link to the original GME PDF document with the programme designated for European countries and the document issued globally.

What to do

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If you have one of the affected units and it is this mailed correctly in service, you must contact us at the address:

Indirizzo email

We'll have to report it:

  • Model name and serial number of the EPIRB. The serial number can be found in the position indicated in the image on the right.
  • MMSI of the vessel.
  • Date of commissioning of the EPIRB.
  • Date of first programming report.
  • Date of SBM or equivalent procedure.

You will then be asked to provide a copy of the report of the first schedule, of the receipt of registration to Cospas-Sarsat and of the SBM Certificate (or equivalent document).

After the successful completion of the first phase of the documentation, we will give you instructions on how to send the EPIRB to our address for replacement free of charge and without additional transport costs.

EPIRB correctly placed in service

An EPIRB is correctly placed in service when the requirements expressed in the article of our glossary are met at the following link: EPIRB (section "Regulations" under section "Compliance").

As the SBM cycle in Italy is 4 years long, the units affected by the problem should have already passed the first SBM.