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Boat audio: Boss Marine is the leader-ship of the company, presenting itself again this year with a catwalk full of novelties and original products.

MR648W and MR752UAB Tradition combined with Technology

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Also this year "Boss Marine" has not skimped with the novelties introduced for the 2014 season. This article only aims to illustrate the new products already available in our warehouses, others will follow during the season.

In the stereo range with the traditional CD, two new models are added: MR648W and MR752UAB. "Boss Marine" was a forerunner of CD-free models, designing the first solid state marine stereos, but this does not mean that there is no longer a user related to traditional CDs and it has always been the commitment of Boss Marine to provide a wide variety of models to meet all needs.

In any case, these two new stereos also provide reading from SD, USB and AUX, so as to leave the user the last choice on the type of media to be used at that time. The new MR752UAB also features Bluetooth connectivity to connect your smartphone more comfortably and answer hands-free calls. So the MR752UAB is now the model that offers the greatest flexibility: CD, USB, SD card, AUX and Bluetooth.

The aesthetic lines are increasingly clear, linear and simplified. Also improved the arrangements for the protection of the marine environment, is an example of the rubber for the protection of the AUX and USB inputs on the front panel, which is more functional and better finished.

MR360UV Audio and Video on Boat

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The MR360UV Boss Marine is a stereo with an integrated DVD player and also features a small 3.7" display. Although the display is small, it still offers a very comfortable entertainment option, perhaps just to keep the little ones busy and allow the grown-ups to relax better on the boat.

In any case, the Boss Marine MR360UV is also a powerful stereo with a peak output of 80 watts for 4 channels, able to meet the most demanding needs and can play songs from CDs, SD cards, AUX and external USB memories.

The Boss Marine MR360UV replaces the old MR3.6V which will remain available only while stocks last.

MR4.3W the specific traditional speakers for the boat

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The Boss Marine model MR4.3W is a pair of speakers with a traditional design and is a good option for those who do not have a bulkhead with sufficient depth to install the classic marine speakers recessed, or simply for those who are afraid to "injure" the boat by drilling holes. They are also suitable for outdoor use and are suitable for many types of installation and also for those who want to put them in the garden.

The MR4.3W "Boss Marines", with their 200 W peak and selected components, guarantee good sound quality. The bracket is also convenient, allowing you to easily adjust the orientation of the case at any time.