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WeatherFlow Wind Meter is a smartphone anemometer carefully designed to be the best portable anemometer.

Your Smartphone Becomes an Excellent Portable Anemometer

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In recent months we have seen some anemometers for smartphones coming onto the market that seemed to have been created just to meet a certain demand, instead of taking care of the essentiality of an anemometer, or measure the wind speed with the best possible accuracy.

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is designed in the USA by a leading professional weather forecasting company and has been carefully calibrated at the University of Florida in the Aerospace Engineering department.

The measurement is reliable even if it is not oriented directly to the wind and the maximum error is only 0.1 m/s up to 15 degrees off axis.
Its operation starts from the slightest dribble of wind up to the impetuosity of a hurricane.

The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is a 5-blade anemometer designed, very small, protected from impact, wrapped in a generous rubber coating and able to flex under strong pressure so as not to damage the audio socket of the smartphone.

Hard to believe: all this technology costs only 39.00 Euros including VAT.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android operating system devices. The App is downloaded in a fraction of a minute, the Wind Meter is plugged into the audio jack and is immediately ready to show the wind speed and direction. Registered information can then be conveniently sent by email or on social networks.

In short, the WeatherFlow Wind Meter is really a small, but powerful device, which should never be missing, especially if we practice sailing, pleasure, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, hang-gliding, golf or just like to learn more about the elements of nature that surround us.

Weather Flow Wind Meter is represented in Italy by Marine Pan Service and the product is already available in our warehouses.

Your Smartphone will be a Portable Anemometer from 10 Prerogative !

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  1. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smartphones.
  2. Designed by a leading company in the highest level of weather forecasting.
  3. Calibrated at the University of Florida in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.
  4. Maximum error +/- 0.5% or 0.1 m/s up to 15% off-axis.
  5. Operating range from 0.1 m/s to 56 m/s (201.6 km/h).
  6. Reading speed in m/s, knots, Beaufort, MPH and Km/h.
  7. Small: 82 x 40 x 18 mm.
  8. Environmentally friendly packaging that can be reused as a case.
  9. Stores wind speed (average and gust) and direction.
  10. Share reports with WeatherFlow, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, SMS, email and Facebook.

Why an Anemometer on a Smartphone?

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There is no doubt that today many features present in the various dedicated portable devices, are converging towards the smartphone that will tend more and more to centralize the reading of data derived from the various sensors. The anemometer on the phone is just another example.

Smartphones today have an unbeatable display, excellent data processing speed and multiple connection options. If we want to be able to better monitor this data, process it and above all share it, we should still have a similar device, but we all have smartphones, so it is a normal consequence that the market is moving in this direction.

The important thing is that these sensors to connect, are of excellent level, otherwise the peculiarities of the smartphone are of little use. WeatherFlow Wind Meter also wants to be an example of how these sensors should be designed, it is not enough to make something for your smartphone for that accessory to find market.

Mauro Dell'Uomo, administrator of Marine Pan Service, comments: "We are pleased to represent today, exclusively for the Italian market, a smartphone anemometer that comes from a project so carefully carried out and from a leading company in the field of high-level weather forecasts. We have recently seen anemometers for smartphones with even 2 blades, this convergence towards smartphones should be an evolution and not an involution, the product Wind Meter WeatherFlow is an example of efficient technology of today.

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