GPS Tracker

The GPS Tracker, or more simply tracker, allows you to monitor the position of an asset or call attention with an SOS button.

Locators usually have two integrated technologies:

  • 1. A positioning system, commonly GPS
  • 2. A data transmission system, usually GSM/GPRS or Inmarsat satellite for better coverage.

They commonly have the following functions:

  • Allows you to monitor the good through the Internet on a road map or satellite
  • Allows you to set alarms: range (if the asset moves out of a certain radius), approach to a target, operating status, etc.
  • If an alarm occurs, they can send an email, text message or phone call.
  • Some have an SOS key, so that the user can send, via email or sms, a distress alarm.
  • Some can be connected to sensors to obtain a telemetry of the vehicle (engine operating status, number of revolutions, speed, etc.).

When they make themselves useful:

  • To monitor the position of an asset, such as a boat, car, motorcycle, person or pet.
  • As an anti-theft system for an asset
  • In order to be warned of an emergency situation, a rescue transmitter is more suitable in this case.
  • To collect useful information on the operating status of a vehicle.