It represents the way to communicate to a Nautical GPS the destination of our trip.

All nautical GPS have the possibility to set this function that represents the way to communicate to the car our destination.

In fact, when we turn on a nautical GPS, the first task will be to tell him where to go or get help from electronic mapping to decide which is the best destination for your trip.

Generally, nautical GPS offers at least 4 different ways to set up a GoTo:

  • GoTo to the cursor, the one most often used, ie we move with the cursor to our destination point and there we confirm the GoTo. This is easy because the setting is made visually on the electronic card.
  • GoTo to the mark, i.e. to a previously stored point.
  • GoTo to the route, the route is a set of stored points that form a route, the route is necessary if our navigation to the destination can not be done in a straight line, because during the journey there is an impediment to navigation (such as an island, an obstruction, etc.). Or our trip is a real multi-stage cruise.
  • GoTo database, means a known point in the nautical GPS database, which can be a port (GoTo Port) or a characteristic location, or an area where there is a certain service (eg a port with a distributor for diesel).