Piranha P4 HI-POWER Underwater Floodlight 2750 Lumen


Piranha P4 HI-POWER is the new series of headlamps introduced by Bluefin LED capable of putting out 2750 lumens while keeping costs affordable.


The new Piranha P4 HI-POWER series while designed for the entry level range, goes up to respectable brightnesses (2750 lumens and up to 3500 lumens for the color changing model). It is thus intended for small boats, but capable of satisfying the most demanding of brightnesses.

Piranha P4 HI-POWER includes the well-known Dual Color model in order to have both white and blue color, but for this series the design has been totally revised, doubling the LEDs to 4 pairs, so the brightness will remain the same even when selecting one color.

Originally compared to the rest of the Piranha series, the P4 HI-POWER, in addition to models built in the usual bronze, also includes a series built in aluminum, to meet the need of those with a keel made of this material.

The P4 HI-POWER series of course includes all the accouterments that have made Bluefin LED production so popular, such as patented X-Beam technology, an active thermal control, Hydro Block technology, reverse polarity protection, and a protective layer to prevent marine vegetation.


  • 280-1210

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4B SM - White - 2750 lm

  • 280-1220

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4B SM - Cobalt Blue - 2750 lm

  • 280-1230

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4B SM - Dual - 2750 lm

  • 280-1240

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4B SM - Variation - 4000 lm

  • 280-1310

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4A SM - White - 2750 lm

  • 280-1320

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4A SM - Cobalt Blue - 2750 lm

  • 280-1330

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4A SM - Dual - 2750 lm

  • 280-1340

    Bluefin LED Piranha P4A SM - Variation - 4000 lm

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  • IEC 60529 Type approval from RINA.
  • Surface mount (bulkhead) installation.
  • Requires a through-hole of only 16 mm.
  • Max Lamp 4000 lumens, Operational 2750 lumens, Beam angle 60°. For color-changing model: Max Lamp 6000 lumens - Operational 3500 lumens - Beam 60°.
  • Input voltage 12Vdc or 24Vdc.
  • Power consumption 1 A. at 12 volts.
  • Life expectancy 50,000 hours.
  • Waterproof, over IPx8, to depths of 200 mt. ( RINA testing).
  • Active thermal protection, over power, low voltage, reverse polarity, Hydro Block and X-Beam technology.
  • Builtin Driver
  • Optical-quality lenses made of highly impact-resistant polymer.
  • Bronze Alu 389 gm frame for P4B series, aluminum 6082 208 gm frame for P4A series.
  • Diameter 95 mm, thickness 18.6 mm, weight 145 gm.


Fuse holder, 2 fuses, gel connector, self-shrink sleeve, screws and template.


Prices VAT Included