NC20-4 CruzPro: NMEA 0183 dialer

NC20-4 Combinatore NMEA CruzPro

NMEA 0183 CruzPro NC20-4 dialer, with 4 inputs, 1 output 4800/9600 bps selectable, 12/24 Vdc power supply, easy installation.


The CruzPro NC20 is an NMEA combiner with 4 separate inputs that transforms into a single 4800 or 9600 bps NMEA output (user selectable). It can handle any mix of NMEA and RS-232 inputs at 4800 bps and receive data from 4 different units. The level of the input signal can be from a minimum of 1.6 Vp-p to a maximum of +22 Vcc. The output level is compatible with RS-232 from -10 to +12 Vdc.

The output of the NC20 can be connected to a variety of NMEA 0183 reception enabled instruments such as plotters, PCs, Radars, or to an NMEA repeater such as the CruzPro RP30 and RP110. For easy installation, each input and output connection is made on a terminal block directed to the instrument board.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply voltage: 9.5 - 33 Vdc
  • Absorption: 0.05 Amps nominal
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
  • Input: 4 NMEA 0183 inputs
  • Input levels: 0 to 1.6 Vp-p minimum, -20 to +22 Vcc maximum
  • Output: NMEA 0183 at 4800 bps or 9600 bps (Selectable)
  • Compatibility: RS-232 output from -10 Vdc to +12 Vdc
  • Dimensions: 100x60x30 mm


  • 114-8410

    CruzPro NC20/4 - NMEA 4 Channel Dialer

    Weight: 0.2 kg; Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 3.2 cm
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