MR1580DI Boss Marine: Universal Docking Cradle

MR1580DI Boss Marine

It is possible to house the iPod or iPhone, double USB input, SD and AUX inputs. Solid State Technology.


The new MR1580DI presents the "Universal Docking Cradle", a real cradle for iPod or iPhone, which can be housed with extreme ease.

Nothing has been overlooked in terms of connectivity, in fact well protected inside we find the USB and SD card ports, an additional USB port is present on a cable of 80 cm that comes out from the back, while the AUX input is front for an immediate connection.

The stereo has been deliberately deprived of the CD player, in fact Boss Marine despite having the best technologies of marinizing, believes that the mechanical parts are still the most critical for the duration of a marine stereo, especially if it is installed permanently even in winter.


  • 240-3440

    Boss Marine MR1580DI USB/SD/iPod DS

    GTIN13: 0791489117845; Weight: 1.5 kg; Dimensions: 28 x 2 x 8.8 cm
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Not suitable for the new iPhone 5 with Lightning adapter. The MR1580Di is equipped with a USB to Apple 30pin connector inside, so the connection with iPod or iPhone 30pin is direct and you can control the functionality from the front of the stereo. The MR1580Di is not specifically designed to work with other smartphones, but you can of course use them by connecting them to one of the two USB inputs and be read in the same way as a storage device. However, it is not recommended to use the internal USB input, because smartphones require approval before reading the internal memory and then you will have to remove the faceplate again to give the approval command on the smartphone.


  • Sled
  • Infrared remote control
  • Front cover case
  • Connecting cables