Marine Speakers with LEDs - A Unique Atmosphere on a Boat

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Refine your boat's environment by inserting marine speakers with MRGB65 LEDs from Boss Marine, able to create unique scenarios for your boat.

LED Speaker Technology opens up Unique Scenarios ...

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Today, LED lighting is not only limited to finishing a boat's environment, but also plays a key role in the style and design of a boat.

However, the insertion of simple LED courtesy lights on a boat, could break the balance of aesthetic lines and lead to an opposite result.

It is therefore brilliant to introduce the best LED courtesy lights through speakers that are often placed in an ideal position to illuminate the environment.

If we talk about the speaker Boss Marine, also known for its refined aesthetic lines, we will make the environment even more elegant and we will have light points framed to perfection.

With the new Boss Marine MRGB65 speakers, not only will you have speakers of excellent audio quality, but also the best LED light point for your boat and without having to provide additional holes for the headlights courtesy of its own.

The peculiarities of the Boss Marine Speakers MRGB65

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With the Boss Marine MRGB65 speakers you can decide the color, mode, light intensity or even choose some exciting light games and vary the speed of the effect.
In short, it is you who decide the exact atmosphere you want to create on the boat with precision, satisfaction and fun.

Each pack of MRGB65 speaker pairs includes the LED driver and a remote control to control the light play.
When installing multiple speaker pairs, the LED drivers can be connected in cascade so you can interact with a single remote control on all the lights.

In addition to adjusting brightness and colour, the remote control allows you to select the lighting mode from the 19 available, or select the demo function that initialises a carousel from the 19 modes. For each mode it is also possible to vary the speed of execution. With the remote control, you can also switch the lights off or on by returning to the same mode as before.

The MRGB65 speakers also respect the whole tradition of "Boss Marine": they are powerful (200 W peak) and boast the best acoustic qualities.
Although intended for background lighting, the light intensity is really considerable and it is such that we will rarely use the maximum level, but we will adjust it to the right level for the scenic or operational situation that we want to create.

There are two versions available: one in white and the other in silver. Both versions are already available in our warehouses.